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Craigy Boy took me to Paradise for three days…

Craigy Boy took me to Paradise for three days…

Following the hustle, bustle and bright lights of Vegas, Craigy Boy and I spent the last three days of our American Adventure in Paradise. No, really. We were literally in Paradise. Paradise, Utah to be exact:


Population of 800 and home to some of my favourite people on the face of the earth, the Woolf family. This is me and Mama and Papa Woolf and I love them to the moon and back and they love me right back:


This is Brady Woolf, the youngest of their seven children.


Not only has Brady got the biggest whitest teeth in the world - Donny Osmond and his siblings aside - this guy cracks me up like no other. He was also the one that introduced me to blue darts the first time I visited the Woolf household back in December of 2000.  Do you know what blue darts are? If not, here is wiki's definition:

Fart lighting is the practice of igniting the gases produced by human flatulence often producing a flame of a blue hue, hence the act being known colloquially as a  "blue angel", "blue dart" or in Australia, a "blue flame". The fact that flatus is flammable, and the actual combustion of it through this practice, gives rise to much humorous derivation. Other colours of flame such as orange and yellow are possible with the colour dependent on the mixture of gases formed in the colon.

Obviously the bigger the fart the bigger and better the flame. And I am pleased to report that after a particularly impressive blue dart both in terms of flame size and colour (kudos to my colon) I am the current reigning champion. My mother would be so proud.

This is Jamie Woolf Anderson, the second youngest of the Woolf kiddos and one of my ultimate besties:


My friend Jamie is beautiful inside and outside (note that the gleaming set of Woolf gnashers didn't pass her by) and it was actually her and her husband Matt and children Mauree, Eliza and Isaac that graciously hosted us during our two weeks in Utah. Here they all are.  And Craigy Boy too of course. We musn't forget him.  :)


It just so happened that Craigy Boy and I were in town for an annual Paradise highlight:

Trout and Berry Days!

The name choice will become all too apparent upon inspection of the day's itinerary:

So the day starts off with a hearty breakfast served to all the townsfolk (it kicked off at 7am. We didn't make it). At 10am there is a parade through the centre featuring the town's law enforcement, fire and rescue services, vintage cars and imagine my pure delight when the bag pipers arrived on the scene. I could have wept with joy! Throughout the rest of the day you could participate in activities such as a 5k fun run (run and fun in the same sentence?), mud volleyball, the pie eating contest and, my personal favourite, the trout scramble! Ah yes, the GW was well and truly up for this one! Basically you and a bunch of other mentalists jump into a very large inflatable paddling pool filled with silvery, slimy trout. The objective is to catch a trout but not just any old trout (who are you calling an old trout??) one with a metal tag in its mouth which entitles you a prize. I could barely keep a hold of the slippery suckers let alone hunt down the prize trout!  I just had to take what I could get and in the end I was happy with Ned the now headless trout in my little plastic bag. 

But seeing truly is believing and with that in mind here is a little video I put together of Trout and Berry Days in Paradise, Utah!  You'll get to see the parade up close, witness the fishy wonder that is the Trout Scramble and I'll even introduce you to the local Sheriff who went out of his way to pay me a personal visit. He'd heard there was a foreigner in town!

One final word in closing before you press that little triangular play button. 

I wanted to thank all my dear friends throughout Utah for always being so darn nice, kind, loving and hospitable whenever I'm in town. You all make me feel very special and loved and that goes for Craigy Boy too. He has heard me raving about you all for the past five years and now he knows exactly why I feel the way I do. 

Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. You forgot to mention how the townsfolk were awoken for the 7am breakfast. Basically it was an old world war 2 air raid siren wailing away for a few minutes. Somehow this never woke Ceri up!!!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      And you forget to mention that I had been up since 3am feeling sick as a dog (ok, so I had eaten too many cookies the night before…) and had only gotten back to sleep at 6am so I’m not really surprised the siren didn’t wake me up. Lol!

  2. I’ve loved hearing all your US tales! Makes me want to go back there again….soon!

  3. Gosh, great, sitting here with a huge smile on my face!!xxxx

  4. Love this! My favorite part was Jamie singing to the green bean!!!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Oh my gosh, I watched that part about a DOZEN times and couldn’t stop laughing!! I even called Jamie last night to make her watch it with me and she was dying with embarrassment!! (But really loving it too!!) 😉

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