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How I met Craigy Boy and why I love him so

How I met Craigy Boy and why I love him so


Recently in my blog posts I've been highlighting some of the important men in my life. First was this post dedicated to my Dad for Father's Day and then on Wednesday I made you all cringe and perhaps even vomit with this poetic offering to Colin Evans, my first significant crush. 

There is another very important man in my life and most of you have "met" him by now - he has featured in previous blog posts, he frequently pops up on my Facebook page and he has appeared in several of my videos, proving himself to be quite the on screen natural! I mean, who could forget this impromptu tap-dancing routine??

Craig and I met in September 2009; I was his teacher, he was my student. Mature student, I hasten to add, nothing untoward or inappropriate going on, I can assure you! I was running Spanish adult evening classes and having received a flyer through his door, Craigy Boy signed on up, eager to learn his maracas from his manzanas.

For all you hopeless romantics out there I'd like to be able to declare unto you that it was love at first sight but I'd be lying through my surgically whitened teeth. Craig was seeing somebody else at the time and I was seeing nobody and was content for it to remain that way - being footloose and fancy free was my preferred state of being. A few months into the classes, however, and the flirtations began as the rest of the class watched on in amusement. It was fun, harmless and all a bit tongue-in-cheek. 

The following July a farewell party was held in my honour as I was soon to depart on a year long Peruvian adventure! My wonderful students had all clubbed together to buy me a little something and Craig was chosen to present it to me:

Being the gentleman that he was and continues to be, Craig stayed behind to help me tidy up. He then walked me to my car and as we bid each other good night with a tender hug and a soft kiss on the cheek we both lingered...

That moment!  You know the one!!!

The sparks are flying, hearts are thudding, loins are twitching (yes, I did just write that.) and then....

We both pulled away. He was still seeing someone and less than two weeks later and I would be on the other side of the world eating guinea pig. ( In case you're wondering, very chewy and not much meat).

It turns out that I did not in actual fact spend a year cohabiting with Paddington in deepest, darkest Peru; I went, stayed for 3 weeks and then after much deliberation and soul-searching ("Peru is aways going to be here") I flew home to be with Craig.  One, two, three..



'Tis true, I may be sending the gush-o-meter into overdrive but I can say with all sincerity that this was one of the better decisions I have made in my life and despite a few road bumps along the way we're still together 5 years down the line.  

Just for the record. There is nothing even remotely resembling perfection in our relationship: we niggle, we bicker, we gripe, we groan. He hacks me off at times and I'm pretty sure I royally piss him off on a daily basis, such is my.. erm.. persistent nature. Quite frankly, I don't know why he puts up with me. But he does and in doing so exercises the patience of all the Saints combined.

So I'd say that I lucked out, I got the better deal. What did I get exactly? 

I got:







In a nutshell:




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  1. Awwww. .you guys :-)
    I met my significant other in 2010 at work when he had to take a statement from me. We were in THE smallest of rooms and I kept looking thinking, hmm there is something about this man that I like the look of! Then he walked out of my life and back to his place of work :-). Move forward to end of 2012 and my “adult crush” comes to work at my place of work but a different office! Unbeknown to me he was doing a bit of detective work (well that is his job after all) asking questions about me :-). The pair of us where like teenagers with neither wanting to make the first move….Jan 2013 I bit the bullet and asked him out. Thankfully he said yes or I would have been avoiding him to this day!! Surprise proposal in Dec (I obviously said yes) and we’re getting married in May next year…yippee. I can honestly say I love this man to the moon and back. I irritate and annoy him but he just puts up with it. He gets grumpy and I just leave him to it but when all is said and done I would not be without him. And only 323 days until I become his wife. :-)

  2. I loved reading this Ceri. It sounds silly but I was really moved by this.

    You know I’ve been with Neil for two years now except for that ‘hiccup’ but looking back on it I wouldn’t change it. Our relationship is so much healthier for it, and I never thanked you for your invaluable support during that time. So thank you GW! xxx

  3. Lovely story but I can’t help giggling at the twitching loins, haa haa!!

    I met Neil 9 years ago through mutual friends. It wasn’t love at first sight but I heard through the grape vine that he liked me….FOOL!!!! We did Walk the Wight, a 27 mile walk for charity, with our friends and by the end we were holding hands :-) I don’t know how Neil puts up with me either but he’s still by my side! He’s stuck with me now, mwwwaaaaahhhhh!! xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      You mean your loins never twitched when Neil walked into the room? Don’t worry, you don’t need to share that. 😉 xxx

  4. I’ve also known Craig for several years, he is a top bloke and has always been bonkers about you, a great match!!
    I found my soul mate at work, my first marriage wasn’t what it should have been and although it was difficult separating, it was the best decision I have ever made

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Change is often the most difficult thing to do but exactly what we need to do. So glad you got a second chance, Jon. xxx

  5. Arghh Ceri thats beautiful, lets see if my memory runs back far enough, I met Andy while do work experiance, in my last year at school. He is 3 years older than me, he asked a relative of mine to ask me out for him (they a pound bet I would say no)…. our first date started fine but then he dropped into the conversation that he was playing in a darts match later in the evening…so there I sat on my own in the corner of the pub with a coke while he played darts….the rest they say is history we have been married 26 years this July not bad for a £1.00 bet

  6. That was lovely :-) It is sometimes funny the way things work out. M and I “met” in the gym, I knew who he was but hadn’t spoken before. I had been living with someone for nearly 9 yrs, but going nowhere, and the more we spoke/competed against each other/had a laugh the more I liked him. I never kissed him or anything, but after a few months, having been on holiday away from him for a week I knew I wanted to be with him, he’d already made it clear he wanted to be with me by this time. I came back, he then went on holiday, and by time he came back I was single. 8 yrs later we’re married, moved away from family and friends (job reasons), and with 2 kids, and a crazy zumba instructor. I like to think I’m the patient, tolerant one in the relationship but think M is really more laidback, lol.

  7. Loved reading that Ceri and can totally relate! You’d told me the story before but not in quite as much detail. It’s genuine, unembellished and romantic! I’m now quietly reminiscing with my handsome husband whilst listening to the sweet slumber breathing and cooing of our beautiful baby girl :-) Hope to see you soon! Xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Oh there are no frills around here. Lol! Give that beautiful Miss Holly a kiss from Auntie Ceri and Uncle Craig. xxxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Grrrreat story, Susanna! And you are totally right not to change it! Your loss was Oxfam’s gain.. 😉 xxx

  8. Lovely Ceri, just don’t take him for granted!

    Without sounding seedy I met Mark in a hotel. We were both there separately (he stopped over after a work conference and I on a hen night).
    After a bit of flirting (on my part) he sent a drink over with the waiter :-) then feeling awkward as I then had to go over to thank him (given I had been flirting felt slightly un easy).
    we sat and chatted from around 10.30pm- 3am!! He knew my life story and I his.
    I was still married at the time (leading separate lives although in the same house) Mark was separated. I went to bed and was woken at 7am by text inviting me to breakfast :-)
    I quickly showered said bye to my pals and sorry I hadn’t spent much time with them.
    We spent the rest of the morning together before we had to go our separate ways (me to Reading and he to Northampton :-( )
    over the next few weeks we texted spoke on the phone and tried where possible to meet. Mark said this was driving him mad and wanted me to move nearer. I explained I have two children and wasn’t leaving them. He then said those 3 words.. I LOVE YOU. I don’t want to lose you, bring the girls….. it was a long hard decision, not to be with him, that was the easy part but to leave my job, home, friends but more important take the girls away from everything they knew. A & A were 4 and 2 now (17 and almost 15)so still young at the time…………. zoom to 2014 and here we are in Brackley a happy family of 5 (Mark has a son).
    Like everyone we have our ups and downs but love each other and are always there for each other. (Now for the mushy bit) Mark is just fantastic, he treats me like a princess and never fails to tell me he loves every day, he has taken the girls to his heart and treats them as his own which takes a special person. I love him to bits and wouldn’t be without him.
    the key ( I think) to a good relationship is communication, talk to each other or you only end up bottling it inside, trust, don’t take each other for granted and remember to tell each other how much you love them :-)

  9. Just wiped away a tear. Isn’t he gorgeous? Might be a a bit biased! Look at the son and see the father. They both have to put up with a lot but are still there wherever, whenever.xxxx

  10. Aww loved reading this!! xx

  11. Aww, great story Ceri :)
    I don’t have one to share unfortunately, as I am single with no chance to go and mingle (looking for work so low income, can’t afford sitter for kids etc) but I enjoyed reading your story, and all the other comments too :)

  12. Agree with all you say except don’t know about the kissing bit!!!!! A lovely lad….Definately a keeper…xxx

  13. Your story made me say Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I am still searching for my significant other “sigh” :( we can all live in hope x

  14. Well I think you guys are great together!!!

  15. We met through mutual friends in a nightclub in 1989. We started going out a couple of months later – 15th September 1989 – we were married a year later and ext year will celebrate our silver wedding anniversary! He drives me nuts – but he makes me laugh ad always knows when I need a hug! my very own Badger – grey and a bit grumpy!

  16. I can honestly say that having seen you two together over the year I lodged with Craig you are definitely made for each other, total opposites in a lot of ways but that’s why you obviously attract. I have seen you both drive each other nuts and I have also been witness to the love you both share. You are a great couple and I’m glad I can call you my friends.

  17. “Footless and fancy free” really tickled me!!! Lovely post GW. He is a gem isn’t he?! xxx

  18. Loved this! Can’t wait to meet this boy of yours!

  19. Well, you’ve met mine (Pablo) and we’re still together (hopefully forever cause he’s my other half!!)

    Sorry for not commenting too much, compi, I’ve been very busy with work!! But I’m back!! 😉

  20. Esta momento fue presentada de ……… amorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..

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