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Craigy and GW at BOOT CAMP!

Craigy and GW at BOOT CAMP!

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I'd always wanted to give a Boot Camp a go so when Craigy Boy (foolishly) left me in charge of booking us a romantic week away before we part company for a wee while this summer I thought I'd surprise him with a five day Boot Camp in Dorset. Yup, I know how to treat my man. It's a jolly good job that he's also a fan of fitness and healthy eating otherwise it could have ended very badly indeed.

But it didn't end badly, quite the contrary. Five flippin' fantastic, exhausting, educational, motivational and reinvigorating days and today I want to tell you (and show you! In-depth and entertaining video awaits you at the end!) all about it because I could not recommend this experience highly enough and know that this is something that may interest many of you. Perhaps you have even considered booking yourself onto a Boot Camp but fear of the unknown has held you back thus far. 

Well not anymore, Warriors of the World! In this here post you'll find out exactly what to expect and who knows? It could be just the motivation you need to get on out there and REBOOT your own fitness/weight loss journey!

I'm going to split the post into three sections and show you exactly what we did and when:

1) Fitness
2) Food 
3) Friendship

So on your marks, get set... GO!!!

Boot Camp2

Monday 13th July

1pm  Introduction to REBOOT 

2.00pm Fitness Assessments (includes a 1.2 mile run. Or walk!) – Mark

3.45pm Cross Fit - Bev

5.00pm  Strength & Core – Neil & Bev

7.00pm PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation) - Mark

9.30pm Bed/relax

Note: You don't have to go to bed at 9.30pm! 

Tuesday 14th July

 Battle PT - Mark

9.15am Nutrition Presentation

10.30am Hills x 12

11.45am Presentation - Mark

12.30pm Boxing - Mark

2.30pm Circuit Dose 1 - Neil

4.00pm Circuit Dose 2 - Neil

5.00pm Drop Sets - Bev/ Row - Neil

7.00pm Stretch and Relax - Neil

8.00-9.30pm Massage slots (Me and Craigy had one. Amazing and much needed!)

9.30pm Bed/Relax 

Wednesday 15th July

7.30am Gun Run - Neil

9.15am Nutrition Workshop

10.30am Skip Fit - Mark

11.30am Presentation - Neil

12.15pm Best Gym In The World - Mark & Bev

2.30pm Track and Field - Mark, Bev and Neil

4.00pm Fitness Presentation - Mark

5.00pm Strength - Mark

7.00pm PMR - Mark

7.30-9.30pm Massage slots

9.30pm Bed/Relax

Thursday 16th July

7.30am Fox Hunt - Bev & The Fox!

9.30am R2R Presentation - Neil

10.30am  Boxing - Mark

12.00pm Beach power bags/Sea Swim (optional. But I did it! Deliciously refreshing!!)

2.00pm Tag Team Super Stars - Neil

3.30pm Fitness Presentation - Mark

4.30pm Abs & Stretch - Bev

5.30pm PMR - Mark

6.30pm Video night!

10.00pm Bed/Relax

Friday 17th July

7.30am War Zone Casualty Evacuation - Mark & Bev

9.15am 1.2 mile run and measurements

10.15am Shower and Final Packing

11.00am Personalised Training Plans

1.00pm Depart Reboot *sniff*

Boot Camp7Boot Camp8Boot Camp9

Now the part you have been waiting for: the FOOD! And you won't be disappointed.

Boot Camp3

I've just noted down the food that I ate but please note that ALL dietary requirements are catered for - you simply let Sue and Mark know in advance. Also worth noting is that everything at Reboot is gluten free since many people have a slight intolerance to gluten and may not even know it.

Monday 13th July

3.00pm Light Lunch - Butternut squash soup, oatcakes with hummus and salad

6.30pm  Dinner - Chicken curry, sweet potato wedges, aubergine and tzatziki

Tuesday 14th July

7.15am Snack - Chocolate and date square

8.30am Breakfast - Scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato and sourdough toast

11.45am Snack - Hummus, oatcakes, hung yoghurt and veg

1.30pm Lunch - Pea and basil soup, quinoa salad

3.30pm Snack - Carrot cake

6.30pm Dinner - Ginger and tamari salmon, brown rice, roasted pepper, cucumber and poppy seed salad

Wednesday 15th July

7.15am Snack - Chocolate and date square

8.30am Breakfast - Porridge and berries

11.30am Snack - Frittata and veg

1.30pm  Lunch - Chicken soup (and there was something else but I can't remember!)

4.00pm Snack - Banana cake

6.30pm Dinner - Meatballs in ragout, mash and kale

Thursday 16th July

7.15am Snack - Chocolate and date square

8.30am Breakfast - Buckwheat pancakes and poached pears

11.30am Snack - Banana ice-cream or smoothie

1.30pm Lunch - Tomato soup and tuna salad

3.30pm Snack - Ginger beer, nuts and fruit

6.30pm Dinner - Roast dinner!

Friday 17th July

7.15am Snack - Chocolate and date square

8.30am Breakfast - Revueltos (scrambled egg with peas, peppers and chorizo)

10.15am Snack - Cake

12.00pm Lunch - Leek and potato soup, greek salad

The food was absolutely delicious and superbly nutritious! The only thing I didn't like was the ginger beer simply because I don't like ginger beer. Craigy happily guzzled down my share. :)

Boot Camp5Boot Camp6

Boot Camp4
When all is said and done, when the sweaty sessions have been smashed and when the food has been ferociously scoffed it's the people who make an experience all the more special and memorable and that was most certainly the case for Craigy and I. We were so incredibly lucky to meet and befriend thirteen lovely people from all over the country; some even coming from as far afield as Russia and Belgium, such is the reach of Reboot's reputation! Here are just a few pictures of the people with whom we moaned and groaned, sweated and swore, chuckled and (very nearly) chundered. Thank you each and every one of you for being such great friends in fitness and also for putting up with me and my omnipresent camera. 

Boot Camp10Boot Camp11Boot Camp13Boot Camp14

Boot Camp15

Like many of you, before I travel somewhere I usually check out reviews and testimonials on Trip Advisor. Reboot Dorset has received nothing but excellent reviews and it is about to receive two more.

Craigy and I had an absolute blast. Simple as. Yes, it was hard, sweaty work and at times you felt as though your heart was going to leap out of your chest in protest but that is exactly why we went there. We wanted to be pushed and challenged, we wanted to listen and learn and we wanted to meet like minded people. Reboot exceeded our expectations in every aspect.

What struck us both is how incredibly inclusive the camp is. Everybody in our group was at a different stage in their fitness/weight loss journey yet each individual and their level was catered for. I have a rotator cuff injury and the instructors went out of their way to provide alternative activities if I found myself struggling with the task at hand. Then poor Craigy went and pulled his hamstring on the Wednesday (more about that in the video!) and the exercises were modified to allow him to continue.

The three instructors, Mark, Bev and Neil went out of their way to ensure that each client got the most out of their time at camp.

A very special mention must go to Sheralyn, resident chef at Reboot. The very thought of her delicious meals and snacks kept us all going when we thought we could go no longer. I'm sure I speak on behalf of the rest of the group when I say that you were the glue that stuck us all together!

So there you have it, Warriors; my first and most definitely not last time at Reboot. If this is something that appeals to you then I urge you to go to their website and book yourself on - I can promise you that it is not a decision you would regret. It doesn't matter if you can't find someone to go with you: Craigy and I were the only couple there and Sandra and Olivia were mother and daughter. Other than that, everybody came by themselves. Granted, they were nervous and apprehensive to begin with but it didn't take long for any initial jitters to melt away since we were all in the same boat and we were determined to stick together!

I will leave you now with footage of our time at Reboot - Craigy Boy doing the YMCA is always worth a watch. ;)

A very exhausted but highly satisfied GW and Craigy Boy, over and out.

Boot Camp16

Click HERE to go to Reboot Dorset's website.

Click HERE to read testimonials on Trip Advisor

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  1. Oh my!!! It’s definitely not my cup of tea, but fantastic blog – it looks like you had a blast!! I’m glad you got so much out of it! Stunning views as well! Hopefully you’ll get some time to relax and have a bit of a “proper” holiday in between working while your in the States!?! Take care. LoL Su xxx

  2. That is such a great video and really represents the week.

  3. Looks amazing Ceri !!! Great blog x

  4. Fantastic blog you two you must be super fit “WELL DONE” xx

  5. Ceri, you’re a genius – I was with you on that bootcamp and I was shattered enough just doing it without also recording it for posterity. Totally agree with everything you say. Jean xx

  6. What an amazinggg blog. You really are a pro. It was very tough but you and all the others made it so much fun x

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