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Costa Rica: Getting there

Costa Rica: Getting there

 CR 4

Those of you who know me will know that I love to travel. For those of you who don't yet know me let me declare emphatically..


I studied Modern European Languages at University and as part of the course I had to (oh, the obligation!) spend a year abroad.  For me this year entailed 8 months in Valladolid in the north of Spain, a month in Lisbon, Portugal and 3 months in Antibes in the South of France. A truly awful year as you can imagine..  ;)

From that point on I was hooked, pure and simple, and would jump on a plane as often as time, money and other inconveniences, such as employment, would allow.

Leading up to the summer just past I knew I wanted to go somewhere far flung but where gosh darn it?? I don't know about you but sometimes I find myself paralyzed by choice: I'll stand in a supermarket  in front of anti-bacterial kitchen sprays completely incapacitated, eyes darting wildly from bottle to bottle.  I mean, which one should I choose?  Which one will get my glittery kitchen surfaces not only the cleanest but the most bacteria resistant??  Does opting for Mr Muscles guarantee me a quality clean or should I be uncharacteristically sensible and frugal and purchase Tesco's own??  But then again, maybe I should go for the one with the red liquid, after all, I do like all items in my kitchen to colour co-ordinate..

Given my indecision when buying cleaning products you can only imagine my dilemma when faced with literally a world full of countries to choose from. Mercifully fate intervened and my agony was short lived.  I was perusing my News Feed on Facebook one day, as you do, when I came across this very post:

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 9.39.16 PM


And that was when I knew it..


After a few Facebook exchanges and telephone calls with Staci and the purchase of a plane ticket whose price to this very day causes me palpitations, the Ginger Warrior was on her way to Costa Rica for a month!  Well, almost..

I AM TERRIFIED OF FLYING. There.  I said it.  I'm not ashamed of my fear; it's simply that writing I'm terrified of flying reminds me that I'm terrified of flying and an 8 hour flight to New York awaits me in 3 weeks.  *low-level stomach churning*.  But here's the dealio my Warrior friends, I DO NOT AND WILL NOT allow any fears that I may possess to  blight and restrict my life. After all..


 Yes, I would and I do.

So the day arrived and I hoisted Craigy Boy's massive 70 litre backpack onto my freckly frame. Did I mention that I was to be back-packing?  I know, I know, I could hardly believe it myself.  But you'd be amazed at how many pairs of shoes I was able to cram in, stilettos included!  Here is a picture of Backpacking GW complete with spray tan and diamante wedge flip flops.  It doesn't bode well, does it?

CR 2(pinterest)

And here is a picture of Pilot GW.  How did that one come about you ask?  Well, I had spied the flight Crew as I anxiously sat in the Departure Lounge and thought it might be nice to have a little chat with the Captain and to become acquainted with the person holding my very life in his hands.  So I walked on over to where the flight Crew were all sitting, introduced myself as Ceri, a very nervous flyer and asked if the Captain and I could spend a few moments together.  And we did. He was a most charming and obliging man who attempted to allay my fears.  He couldn't promise me a turbulence free flight but he did invite me into the cockpit and let me sit in his chair and wear his hat:

CR 5

The 12 hour flight proved not to be completely turbulent free but nor was it as traumatic as anticipated.  It never is, is it?  And I was very, very well taken care of by Javier the first class flight attendant, the handsome fella at the very top of the page. Upon boarding the plane I noticed on his name tag that he spoke Spanish and I just couldn't help myself.  And I'm glad that I didn't because Javier was so absolutely, positively thrilled I spoke his language that he took extra special care of me throughout the flight and brought me, a lowly cattle class passenger, an array of goodies and treats from the first class cabin.

A little bit of Columbian TLC, that's all a nervous flyer needs.  And copious amounts of valium.

Ginger Warrior, over and out.

P.S.  Anyone else a nervous flyer?  What do you do to calm yourself at 37,000 feet?  Any advice or strategies we can share with each other?

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  1. When it gets turbulent, I take advantage of the mile high club. Calms the nerves right down.

  2. Hey GW!! I love getting my daily dose of your infectious enthusiasm. Keep up the fantastic work neighbour and hopefully one of these Travel-Tastic Tuesdays could be Doha related xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I think Doha would be PERFECT for a travel video and blog post. I am totally serious. Watch this space my lovely neighbour. Much love to you, Dave and my Delicious Boys. xxxx

  3. Well done cers,keep it coming!

  4. I can’t wait to hear part two! I’m on pins and needles! My flight to CR was pretty long as well… You can only listen to your baby bawl for so long, knowing that everyone around you is pretty miserable as well…

  5. Loving your blog Ceri x

  6. What do you think about Cuba!xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I think “Hell, yes!”. I would love, love, love to go there. I have quite a few friends that have been and they rave about it, apart from the ones who stayed in all-inclusive resorts and didn’t set foot outside into the real Cuba. I mean, why would you do that??
      If you are going, take me and I can offer you exclusive discounts on expert translation. You have got Henny, but he’s not an expert. Mwahaha! Love you both. xxx

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