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Coping with stress and anxiety

Coping with stress and anxiety


I already touched upon my unfortunate brushes with the soul-sucking monster that is anxiety in THIS post way back when we first started blogging together. I told it like it was. I tend to do that. As well as episodical anxiety (haven't had any since 2009. Where is the nearest wooden object??) I also apparently suffer from truth Tourettes and find it extremely difficult (not impossibe, I'm human) to tell a lie. At least you'll always know where you stand, Warriors. I, personally, cherish honesty and transparency in a person and appreciate spades that are spades.

So today's video comes at the request of my friends over at priotime.com. They chanced upon my musings on Mindfulness last month and asked if I would be willing to write a guest post on their given subject for the month of May.  "What is the subject?", I enquired. "Stress", they replied. Consider it done Priotime, consider it done.

And it is done and this is what I have come up with. There were no rehearsals, no script - I simply looked the camera straight in the eye and said what was in my heart and mind.

If you have similarly suffered from anxiety and continue to do so I hope you can find a measure of guidance and consolation in what I have to say. If you have been fortunate enough thus far to avoid the trembling, stomach churning, sweaty palms and incapacitating fear of imminent doom then my wish is that this will give you some insight into what sufferers go through and that you will have, at the very least, a greater sense of understanding and an increased capacity for compassion. Mental illness is real and it's here to stay so let's talk about it and leave all stigmas and stereotypes behind.

Ginger Warrior, over and out.


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  1. This was an excellent blog. I really enjoyed it and could relate to everything you said. I have found meditation to be very helpful, prayer calms me down, and singing helps. One can’t feel stress and sing at the same time. I have always thought negative thoughts about myself, like “Jeannette you’re an idiot”, but now when I start to think that, I change it to “Jeannette you’re wonderful and special, you do so many good things for others. You are a lovely person.” This has been such a wonderful blessing. Ceri, you are a wonderful person, darling, fun, sweet, good and I love your videos. Thanks for this blog, it will be a blessing to many.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Jeannette, I have yet to meet you but I KNOW that you are wonderful and special. The reason I know? No lady that isn’t wonderful and special could have raised an incredible person like my Kristin. Thank you so much for your kind words. You made me cry. In a good way. xxxx

  2. Hi Ceri,
    Nice to see you first thing this morning. Thank you for being so honest about your condition. I am off to a retreat for the weekend (coping with childlessness) and am really looking forward to being with people with the same experience. There are so many judgmental people out there.
    All the best
    Jules xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      There is an abundance of judgmental people out there Jules, that’s for sure. The retreat sounds both wonderful and helful. I hope you get out of it wha you need, Jules. Ceri xxxxxx

  3. Excellent post GW, thank you. I love the visualisation technique – that is something that definitely resonates with me. I take Rhodiola which is a herbal anti-depressant and have done for years. I was lucky enough to be able to wean myself off them years ago only needing them during the winter months as I suffer with SAD, but this year I don’t feel ready to come off them so all techniques greatly received! I’m trying to do more meditation which definitely helps me relax but the best thing I do to help “put me back on track” is have a treatment with my holistic therapist, Sarah Williams! She is my angel! If you are anywhere near the Havant area in Hampshire, go onto http://www.organic-aromatherapy.co.uk and read about the kind of treatments she offers – she is amazing! Hope that helps! Su xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I’ve never heard of Rhodiola before, Sue. I’ll go a google search go find out a bit more about it. Glad you’re finding things that work for you. xxxxx

  4. Great video darl. Love you always xx

  5. I think i may’ve had a panic episode recently! I went to the hospital to have some lumps checked (in the boob area…nothing to worry about, just lumpy boob! I didn’t know that at the time) and whilst sitting in the waiting room, i started to panic, feeling frantic, sweating, feeling faint, running to the loo lots (which made me panic more as i may miss them calling my name) couldn’t sit still and had an odd feeling that i was going to keel over in front of all the other patients! I was very aware that other patients were looking at me, i started to cry and sob…all before i’d even spoken to a Dr! Luckily my partner works nearby and i called him and said that he had to come quick as i was freaking out big time! As soon as i’d made the call i started to calm down and when he got there, i was completely ‘normal’, (apart from mascara eyes!). I then had the appointment and scan and everything was fine, i feel guilty about worrying all the other patients with my lunacy! On reflection i should’ve arranged to have someone with me and in future i know that hospital appointment means ‘friend needed’ or drugs! It’s funny now, but it wasn’t at the time and seemed so silly afterwards but so ‘real’ in the moment! I’m gonna start practising a visualisation technique for next time…if there is one! Thanks Ceri xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Sounds like it could have been a one off, Rhiannon, but sooo scary all the same!! I highly recommend valium for future hospital appointments. No, I really do!! xxxxx

  6. My husband has suffered from anxiety for most of his life and was very depressed last year due to work, everything became too much for him but we struggled through it. Medication seemed to help for a while but has recently come off them and feels a little more positive and level headed. Like Ceri says don’t be afraid to ask for help. I know he will always suffer from anxiety, we take it a day at a time and know he will still have his downs as well ups. Thank you for sharing your story Ceri x

  7. I like your method of not letting it take over & realising that life continues whether you suffer or not, so tackle it first. I realise so many times that I spend a weeks/days worrying/stressing about something that seems huge to me but in the big scheme of things it’s actually nothing. Then I realise I need to move on & try to forget about it. But I always tell myself that when it’s been a couple of wasted days :(… Perhaps that the bit I need to work on. Take care Ceri, looking forward to the next blog :) x

  8. Excellent blog!! A subject that really needs to be out there and talked about. It effects more and more people on all different levels. Modern day living & expectations have brought this subject to the fore. People like you talking about it and the responses given must help xx

  9. Very personal, insight into a very taboo and awkward subject. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences as they remind us all that anyone at any period in their life can suffer with depression and/or mental illness. Agree with you on the calming influences and I found that diet and chemical changes helped me immensely. I always found a retreat/bolt- hole gave me the time, energy and inclination to sort things out, and still today….even though I’m very bonkers, loud and extrovert have a need for quiet sanctuary and peace in my life, which I get through going to church. You don’t have to be ‘religious’ or belong to any denomination to appreciate quiet time for reflection, prayers or care of your mind, body and soul. My thoughts are that our bodies are like a complex machines that need tender care and maintenance. Just like every device in our everyday life, we are prone to ‘wearing-out’ ‘breaking-down’ and ‘malfunctioning’ if we dont remember to be kind to ourselves. Thanks for making me feel ‘human again’ xxx

  10. Yoga is really useful to calm your breathing and your mind (to stop it racing on several different subjects all at once). Going for a run or walk, having a hot shower, finding which environment is your ‘bliss’..one which relaxes you fully. Mine is the sea, walking through a woodland or going horse riding. Find it and do it often. x

  11. The older I get (and am turning 50 next week) I tend to not give a sh….monkeys about things as much as I used too and just look forward to what the day brings, I have been there in the dark space we don’t talk about, and am not going back , you’re right ceri in surrounding your self with positive things and people is the way to go. (And drink….a glass of wine or two) as for my quiet spot, I like walking the dog and trying to spot the wild life( kids braking into houses and such…kidding!) But I do try and see the funny side of life and try not to take life too seriously… Live long, laugh loud,and love plenty…

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Loved this, Steve. Thank you. I agree with it all apart from the wine. Can’t stand the stuff!! lol! At least we’ll never argue over a bottle. 😉 xx

  12. Hi Ceri

    your blog was fab slowly losing my big black shadow that follows me around daily thanks to making little baby steps and small changes xx

  13. An excellent blog which will do a lot of good breaking down preconceptions of mental illness. I know friends and family who have experienced stress and anxiety ,partly I believe, because we don’t have a way of releasing adrenalin in the way we used to with the “flight or fight” reflex so it builds up into feelings of panic. It can strike any of us at any time so good to have positive ideas of how to tackle it. Thank you Ceri.

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