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Clean 9 Cleanse: Day One

Clean 9 Cleanse: Day One

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Here it is, my World Wide Warriors, my account of Day One of the Clean 9 Cleanse in the form of  a video diary! 


But before you watch it with intrigue, interest and relief (that it's not you slurping on aloe vera gel) let me give you my vital statistics and general feelings as they stand on Day One. I was slightly more than I thought when I hit the scales but this has only spurred me on to intensify my efforts and to remain steadfast and on plan.




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I shall now leave you with the main event, my video diary of Day One! Hopefully it gives you an in-depth insight into what is involved in Day One of the cleanse. I don't think I've left anything out of major importance but those of you who have already completed the detox will let me know, I'm sure.  And I want you to let me know so I can paint the most accurate picture possible!  YEEEEEEHAH!!!


A very-hungry-but-determined-to-be slimmer-for summer and beyond Ginger Warrior, over and out. 


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  1. Day 2 is the worst. Make sure you do as little as possible to day as you won’t have the energy.
    Just be careful of the 600 kcal meal on day 3 as it made me bolted and it took days for a bowl movement.

    What I did when I finished day 9 I used the forever living body wrap to take a few inches off my stomach.

    I did however put 3 of those 6lb I lost back on week after but luckily I took them off again this week.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Thanks for this Fi. As for exercise, I have an hour with my trainer later. OOPS!! Lol! Oh well, I’m sure he’ll pick me up if I faint. 😉 xxxxx

  2. Awesome blog Ceri… You made it look easy. I completed day one yday and thought it easy. Started thinking about food at about 5pm but talked myself out of it.
    Did 30 mins run and 20 mins weight and felt fine. Woke up hungry this morning but ready to nail day two. I have run club this evening which is an hours run… So interesting to see how we get on. Ooooo and I like to pierce the garcinea and suck out the contents.. It’s a pretty big capsule and the innards are delicious to me… But then maybe I am weird!!?? Tastes like caramel coffee. Good luck with day two… You’ll do brill and only one more day till food. Loved the blog xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I tried opening up the capsules and that isn’t going to work for me. Lol! Thanks for all your support so far, Katie. xxx

  3. Interesting but more to the point – what a fabulous hanging basket! X

  4. This is hilarious- go gw… I laughed so much watching you have your first aloe Vera drink…’yes it’s okay, not too bad..’…when your face said otherwise!! Good luck my cleansing beauty xx

  5. With all the Zoomba you teach I’m sure that your weight is muscular weight and we know that muscle is heavier than fat. With your positive mental attitude I’m sure you’ll be successful but it sounds like a nightmare to me. There’s nothing in the programme to satisfy the desire to chew.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Thanks, Faith. It has been challenging but it is getting easier. And I am glad I can now have real food as you’re right – my chew neeeded satisfied. Lol! xxx

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