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Clean 9 cleanse: Days 4, 5 & 6

Clean 9 cleanse: Days 4, 5 & 6



Not that I'm relieved or anything. I want to drink aloe vera gel at every meal for the rest of my life! Yes, you do detect notes of thick sarcasm, almost as thick as the gel itself.  ;)

Since we last touched base several things have happened:

1) Despite what I just said I'm actually at peace with the aloe. It's a necessary evil and tastes slightly less vile the more I ingest.

2) I found a way to make the pancake-mix-like milkshakes taste deeeeelicious! But you'll have to watch my video below to find out what I did. :)

3) On Saturday, Day 6, I weighed and measured myself and the results are in!  But before we get to that part, which I know is the part you all want to get to, let me remind you of the menu for days 4, 5 & 6. Here it is:


And allow me to give you a brief summary of days 4 and 5: 



And now, with a drum roll of course, the results. You can either imagine one in your head (drum roll, that is) or you can tap your fingers on your knees or stamp you feet.  Go on, it makes it all a little bit more thrilling ;)

After 6 Days on the Clean 9 cleanse program I now weigh...


I also lost another inch from my bust and my hips which makes a total loss of 6lbs and 5.5 inches.  Not bad for a week's work!

To get the lowdown on how I felt in terms of energy levels and moods, to see some of the 600 calories meals I've been preparing and to find out how I made the shakes far more palatable then check out my short video diary below. I like this one. I even added in some special effects for you. ;)


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Give the Cleanse a go, Warriors. It's working for me so far! The trick will be for me to continue with the clean eating habits I have acquired and that will be down to no-one else but me. I'll keep you posted!

A six-pounds lighter Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. Well done Ceri… Amazing work. And so pleased you are starting to feel energised!! And now only two days to go!!! I have to say I am startin to enjoy it now and going to carry on with the nutri lean programme. For all warriors out there I started the cleanse the same day as Ceri and have lost 8 pounds so far.. Feel great and actually enjoyed a weekend of NO alcohol. My ibs has almost completely gone too!

    I am finding the aloe much better now… When kept cold and given a good shake it’s like two lemony shots pre-meal. I did NOT like it at first AT ALL!! But since I started to work for forever I have discovered that the more toxins you have in your body the worst it tastes. So the less you hate it the healthier you are becoming!! Good news!!

    Cannot wait to see your final blog on day 10 Ceri… Very proud!! :-) xxx

  2. Well done for sticking with it Ceri. Whenever I have done a detox I find that my weight loss is a week behind my diet! So you might weigh less next week?! I must admit though that I have never felt energised after a detox, just grumpy, hungry and skinny. Enjoy! Xx

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