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Clean 9 Cleanse: Day Two

Clean 9 Cleanse: Day Two


Day Two wasn't as tough as I thought it would be but in saying that, I'm happy to get it over and done with and to move on to Day Three which involves my favourite F word in the whole world.


Here is my "meal plan" for Day Two.  Once again, the shakes proved to be my Clean 9 cleanse nemesis. But you know what they say Warriors - if it's easy then it ain't worth it so just suck it up baby!  (And gag later).


The all important info and statistics. My weight and measurements remain the same since I don't step on the scales or pull out the tape measure until Day Three.  EEEEEEK!!!


And last but by no means least here I am, The Ginger Warrior, giving the low down at the conclusion of Day Two. It's a much shorter video this time as I merely give a summary rather than document the day's events. Come on in and see how I got on!

A very-much-looking-forward-to-eating-solid-food-tomorrow Ginger Warrior, over and out!



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  1. Hey GW, I think you’re doing really well. As I’ve said before I’ve not done this detox myself but if I were you I would concentrate more on how you’re feeling & the goodness that this detox will be doing to your body rather than the weight loss as that isn’t really what it’s designed for. It will be a nice surprise & added bonus when you get on the scales & a few pounds have done a runner.

    Keep at it! You can do it! Much love xxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Thanks for the encouragement, Lea. Not much longer to go but it is getting easier. And not long to go for you either!! 😉 xx

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