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Clean 9 Cleanse is complete!!

Clean 9 Cleanse is complete!!


I didn't think I would, Craigy Boy didn't think I would, anyone who knows me and my love for all things sweet probably didn't think I would...




I, The Ginger "sweet toothed" Warrior saw the Clean 9 Cleanse through to its conclusion (there might have been one minor slipage, more on that in the video) and really ought to give myself a hearty slap on the back. There. Just did it. Bit awkward twisting my arm at that angle, but I did it.

This blog post is going to be short and sweet (Oooooh! There's that word again!) since todays' little piece of light, camera and action contains all that you need to know including a brief summary of how I fared each day of the program and my final thoughts, impressions and weight loss.

So sit down, relax, grab a cuppa and prepare to be informed!


A slimmer, cleaner and somewhat flatulent Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. Excellent! Well done and thoroughly enjoyed your blog. X

  2. Well done for persevering through to the final day 9 Ceri. Been following how it’s gone. Glad you’re feeling the benefits in your energy levels. What will you do with even more energy?!! We’d better what out at Zumba! Lol.

  3. Very, very well done you!!!! You’ve far more will-power than I would have! I’m very pleased for you! xxx

  4. Inspirational show of will power – and a great result! Oreo cake – get thee hence!!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Lol! I will have to try and avoid making the oreo cake for a bit longer until I’m sure I can control myself!!

  5. Well Done!! Now you can look forward to tying your cake recipes again.x

  6. That was a fab bloggy vid, loved it, smiled along with you the whole time, well done….might have to have a go at clean 9 myself now! ha ha! xx

  7. Well done you,you have so much willpower and determination,which I am lacking.GOOD JOB!!! X

  8. sorry Kate and Rhiannon… got your posts mixed up. Either way please contact me if you want to know more about getting started :-)

  9. Brilliant, well done (will be following you now) would you mind if I pointed others to see your blog on Clean 9 please? x

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Please share the love, Vicki, far and wide. Lol! And it would be wonderful if you would subscribe to my blog. It’s free!! Just go to the top left of the page and click on the Subscribe button. Thank you so much!! xxxx

  10. Absolutely loved your report! Will be following your blogs from now on! Ta.

  11. How did the cleanse help with your soda intake? I would love it to help me curb my Pepsi max intake as that gets me almost more than sweetie chocolates. Hip hip hooray for doing it, KiKi!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      TOTALLY curbed my appetite for soda. Haven’t had coke/diet coke for two weeks now and while I may indulge every now and then I can honestly say that I don’t want to ever go back to drinking the quantity I was. Do it, Bowmani!!! xxxx

  12. Well done! I’m ambivalent about “cleanses” in all honesty but well done for staying the course! Quick question – on your weights sessions whilst on the Clean 9 did your trainer adapt anything? On the Poliquin Cleanse the strategy is to only lift heavy, so for strength purposes only, low reps, high % of your rep max. No cardio, no weights for endurance….Poliquin focus is slightly different to the Forever one which is more geared to the generic “cleanse” market rather than sitting alongside the Biosignature program that Poliquin works within. But there is evidence that indicates whilst on a cleanse just focusing on pure heavy lifts is the best way to support what your body is doing. Just interested! :-)

    • The Ginger Warrior

      He generally has me do hypertrophy training and we still did that. I only saw him once during the cleanse. xx

  13. OMG! you really are a warrior! Good on you for sticking with it (and admitting your naughty cake!) Thanks for sharing on #britmumsreview

  14. hahahaha just realised the “add an image” is a full on image and not a little thumbnail! WHOOPS!!!!

  15. Hi There GW – congrats on completing cleanse 9 – I am starting day 1 today! I can’t manage to watch your final video as it saying tis blocked – I would love to know how you got on int the end – Are you able to send a link to your video or let me know! I’m terrified but your blog has enthused me 100 % – Thanks x

      • I also can’t seem to view any of your videos! I am considering trying the Cleanse 9 one and would really like to watch your reviews… Would you be able to send me them also please?

        Steph x

  16. One question…after approx 5 months, have you managed to keep the weight off?

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I most certainly have! In fact, I weigh less! I clean eat 90% of the time (do let myself go every now and again!). Best of luck with it, Michelle! xxx

  17. Your blog has been soooo helpful! I live in Dubai and this has just been launched here. I am starting this first week of December after a month of stuffing my face and drinking due to too many visitors, Birthdays and Baby showers etc. Have decided to book Day 2 off work so that if the bad times hit me…I can at least sleep (not sure sleeping at my desk would be a great idea). Wish me luck!x

  18. I’m on day 3 of the cleanse and I’ve watched your videos twice – really helping me get through it so thanks!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      You are more than welcome, Jenny! You’ve got this and the reason I say this is because if I can do it (I have a major sugar addiction!!) then literally everyone can! Let me know how you get on. :) xxx

  19. Hiya,
    Really enjoyed your blog, we have bought it and will be starting in next couple days

  20. Get blog. Enjoyed watching how you went on during the C9 as I am starting mine very soon. Just working up the courage to do this!!! Though feel inspired since reading the reviews and watching your blog. Thank you GW!!! xxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      You are more than welcome, Tara! I hope you do really well on the program. Let me know how you get on!


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