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What are your Christmas plans?

What are your Christmas plans?


Today, Warriors of the World, not only am I feeling enveloped in the warm, ethereal glow of the Christmas spirit but I'm also feeling rather nosy! And that is why today I wanted to ask you what your plans are over this season of peace and goodwill to all men (women, children and animals).

Now, I would never ask you something that I wouldn't be prepared to share myself so with that in mind, allow me to tell you what Craigy and are doing over the festivities! It's a little bit different for us this year in that it's the first time in our five years together that we're not spending December 25th with my family in Scotland. Craigy Boy's on helicopter engineer duty on Christmas Day and so we're spending our very first Christmas just the two of us. Now everybody say AAAWWWW!!

The thing is, that's not strictly true. We will spend the first few hours of Christmas morning together all snuggly and buggly in front of a roaring open fire (an imaginary one) and then the day truly begins in earnest! And it's a busy day, I tell ya, but one full of dear friends and, hopefully, an abundance of jolly nice food!

First stop is Christmas dinner and all the trimmings with my beautiful goddaughter Tilly-Mae and her family. I think there will be ten of us in total and Craigy and I are providing the turkey and honey roasted carrots and parsnips. I, the Ginger Warrior, will be attempting my first chocolate yuletide log so wish me luck! 

From the Blencowe family household we will then head over to spend a couple of blessed hours with my bestie, Heather "Hezza my Bezza" Lindsay and John and Bonnie and Jessica. I anticipate a relaxing couple of hours of chit chatter and perhaps a cheeky board game or two and I must say, Hezza, that I wouldn't be averse to some of that nice salted caramel fudge that you buy me from Waitrose every now and again. Just getting my order in now. ;)

We will end the day's festivities chez our friends Michelle and Tally a.k.a. Kitty and Coco who are hosting a splendiferous Christmas dinner for friends and family and we have been officially invited to gatecrash at night and mop up the leftovers. Just been you and I, Warriors, I was planning on going with or without the invite but don't tell them I said that.. I can't decide whether the evening will be restful or raucous - depends on the quantity of mulled wine that has been consumed prior to our arrival! I'm gonna hedge my bets, however, and go for the latter option since I'm anticipating much laughter, tomfoolery and the odd flash of a buttock or two. Not mine I hasten to add. I would never expose myself in public.

Then, in the wee hours of the morning, Craigy and I will return to our imaginary open fire, our bellies and hearts full of food and friendship. We will lay down our weary heads for a few hours before making the seven hour car journey to the land that I love and the people that I love. I haven't set foot in Scotland since this very time last year and I simply cannot wait to be in the company of my nearest and dearest.



GW, over and out.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely busy Festive Time for you all.

  2. It was going to be a quiet one with me, hubs and the boy, but now my two sisters, bro-in-law and niece are with us for Christmas Day! I’m so looking forward to it! I’ll be doing roast turkey with all the trimmings – no faff this year, staying completely traditional 😀 Boxing Day is at the ‘rents with all the family again where we’ll also do our Secret Santa reveal (we do that these days instead of gift giving) and Christmas Eve is at my in-laws for afternoon tea, before snuggling up in front of a Christmas DVD or two 😀

    Hubs is off work as well for Christmas week for the first time in years, so am really looking forward to some downtime, away from computer screens and internet and some festive fun (don’t know what yet though lol!) xxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      You can’t beat traditional, Michelle! All my love to you and your family and hope to see you before BritMums in the summer! xxx

  3. Busy Busy Warrior and CB!

    This year the kids (well 17, 17 and 15) are with our ex’s so Christmas day will be just Mark and myself (oh and Milo & Lily our cats) who have their own stockings! We shall do the stocking opening with tea and toast in bed, before heading down for brunch… Smoked Salmon, scrambled egg mushrooms hash browns, crumpets and pastries washed down with bucks fizz. We will probably then just laze watch tv, eat rubbish and chill chill chill. evening is cheese crackers pate finished off in the hot tub with a glass or 2 of champers. Our proper Christmas day will be on the 27th when we have our children home, then its the full works presents and lots of fun and laughter…roll on 27th :-)

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Minxy, that sounds positively perfect!! Any room in the hot tub for me and Craigy Boy?? Missing you lots. Let’s get together soon for a coffee and proper catch up. xxx

  4. Sounds very busy Ceri, have a lovely time. We, AJ & UD, are spending Christmas Day in Aboyne with all the Griegs. I’m positive we will have a fabulous meal there!!! We will be at home after that. so you & Craigy boy will be more than welcome to visit us any time. Lots of love to you both. Xxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Hello Aunt of mine! I can only imagine the festive feast that will await you in Aboyne. Lots of pictures please!! See you very soon. xxx

  5. Merry Christmas to you all! Have a fabulously festive time! Please give my (and all of ours from down here!) love to your M&D! Hope to see you all in 2015….keep your eye on Mr Postie in Jan!!! Take good care. Lots of love, Su xxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      And a very Merry Christmas to you and yours too, Suzanne! And thank you very much indeed for our Christmas card. If we sent them you would get one of course!! But we don’t. Bah, humbug. Lol! Ooooh! And what should I be expecting in January?? How exciting!! Much love to you. xxx

      • Thank you and you’re welcome! Ah, as for Jan, just wait and see….. Tell your M&D to watch out too!! Love you all lots xxx

  6. Since part of my family is German for the past fifteen years we’ve been travelling down to Leicester to spend Nikolaus with them. This usually happens, as in the German tradition, on December the 6th. Lately though with our nieces being away at Uni we’ve had to tie in with the holidays they have. So this year it’s just before Christmas.

    We’ll have the usual presents from St. Nikolaus then back home to Arbroath where we get a visit from the Weihnachtsmann. It’s a sort of win,win situation. If you’re not familiar with this great way of getting more presents here’s a link http://www.thelocal.de/20131206/15915

    We also do a sort of advent for the kids which has a like of socks, each containing a little gift, which they girls used to open one a day leading up to Christmas. At the end of the time they would hace their stocking fillers and six pairs of fancy socks apiece.

    If you have time when you are up here give us a call. Yvonne has our number. We usually have mulled wine and Christmas pies on the go.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I’m loving that idea, Danny! I may have to put it into practice next year!! 😉 And it would be absolutely lovely to see you and Brenda at Christmas time. It has been years and years. I still remember your banoffee pie with the utmost fondness (and with a little drool on my chin!). 😉 I will be in touch for sure! And thank you so much for all your comments on my blog and Facebook page. I really appreciate them and love reading them. Ceri xxx

  7. Well Ceri sounds like your going to have a really busy time, but you will be loving all the Christmas celebrations. Well we are going to Sandra & Willie Beggs on Christmas Day, the girls husbands /partners/ kids will be there too,and knowing Sandra we will be well and truly stuffed with food etc etc.I don’t think we will get a snooze as the kids will no doubt have some sort of board games or charades that they want to play. We are then off to Budapest on the 30th for 5 nights which we are looking forward to. You and Craig have a lovely time and I hope Santa brings you lots of nice things. Have a safe journey up to Arbroath xxxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      You will have a fabulous time with Sandra and Willie, I have no doubt! I’ll need to try and see you before the 30th so I can drop off your lovely pink bag! I’ll get your number from my mum. See you soon, Kate! xxx

  8. This year it will be just Craig, me and the children. We are not seeing any family. I got us a goose for Christmas (I’ve never cooked or eaten one so it should be interesting). We will start the morning, at a ridiculously early time I’m sure, drinking champagne and opening presents with the children. Following that we’ll have breakfast of some sort and have our Christmas feast a bit later in the afternoon. I can’t wait!

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