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Christmas time with BETH BLOGS!

Christmas time with BETH BLOGS!

Beth blogs

Greetings Warriors of the World!

This is my first blog of 2015 so I hope you all had a fab festive period! I had a great time too and just wanted to give you a wee update of what I got up to over the Christmas period.
I was really excited for Christmas as I had been good girl all year - I think! On Christmas morning as usual we sent Dad downstairs to check Santa had been. Guess what? He had! I clearly had been a very good girl as I received lots of presents including a new desk for my room, clothes, make up and lots, lots more.
Lewis must have been good too as he got a PS4 console.
Granny Joyce and Granda Dougie came across early as we were heading to Aboyne to Grandma Sheila and Granda Sandy's to have Christmas lunch. Uncle Sandy, Auntie Susan, Auntie Donna and my cousins Eden and Rio were all there. Thirteen of us but not an unlucky number as it meant all the family were together.
We had lots to eat (as always at Granny Sheila's). I think Granny was expecting more people by the amount of the leftovers, another 30 people or so! After eating as much as we could Eden, Rio and I went outside to have some fun and we ended up skating on Grandma's icy decking!
Eventually it was time to head back home. The roads had become very slippery but Granda Dougie did very well driving home in the cold and wintry conditions. We could hardly see in front of us!
I rested my eyes for a little bit on the way home but it was okay because Granny Joyce was there to keep Granda Dougie right. Like she always does. ;)
On Boxing Day we met up with the Ginger Warrior (Auntie Ceri), Craigy boy & Sapphie Whippet which was lovely. They hadn't been home for a whole year!

Unfortunately Mum had to work between Christmas and New Year but that meant Lewis and I got to spend time with our wonderful Father. He is the best and such a happy, cheery and delightful role model.  **Ginger Warrior here - Ian, I have a distinct feeling that Beth didn't write this part..**
At Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) we went to the community centre for a big party. We had organised a table with family and friends and the band "Declaration" was playing. We had a ball doing all the ceilidh dances. Do you know what a ceilidh is and what kind of dancing we do? Well let me and my friend Jenna show you!

That night we stayed up really late to see in the New Year. Goodbye 2014.....hello 2015! I am sure that 2015 is going to be great and hope it is for everyone else. Hopefully the GW will let me do some more blogging in 2015 as I still have lots to tell you.
In the meantime, all the very best and don't forget to leave me a comment below because I really like reading them! You could tell me what your favourite Christmas present was!

Beth blogs, over and out!

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  1. It was great to see your whole family and especially my favorite, Ceri! My favorite gift was I got to see my whole family over the holidays! And I loved seeing my little grand kids opening their presents! I hope you have a wonderful new year!

  2. Wow sounds like you had a great fun packed Xmas and New year Beth! Loving the desk. X

  3. I love your blogs Beth, keep them coming! xx

  4. So glad you had a great fun packed Christmas and new year ,,,keep on blogging x

  5. Busy Busy Busy! sounds like you has a fabulous Christmas and it’s always lovely to spend it with family. Love your new desk, make sure you use it wisely….HOMEWORK! lol or some more brilliant blogging.. keep up the good work xx

  6. You sure had a busy time Beth. Glad Santa was good to you. Look forward to the next instalment of Beth’s Blogs xxx

  7. Fab blog Beth! Looks like u and ur family had a great christmas!

  8. Loved looking at your great Christmas pics Beth :) Looks like u had a ball xx

  9. Great to read what you’ve been up to Beth xxx

  10. Hi Beth what a super blog, you certainly had a brilliant Christmas and New Year with all your lovely family. Love your new desk very smart,good for doing your next blog. We were at Willie and Sandra’s on Christmas Day,we had a lovely day,yummy food and good chat with everyone. Keep up the good work xxxx

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