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BlogHer 2014: what I got up to this weekend!

BlogHer 2014: what I got up to this weekend!


What a weekend my Warriors of the World! I'm pooped, worn-out, done in, more tired than a badger on a treadmill but the exhaustion is worth it for I have mixed, mingled, networked, nattered, learned, laughed and made an abundance of wonderful new friends in the process.

Some of these recent acquaintances, upon discovering I had flown 11 hours to attend the conference, posed the question: "Are you crazy??" Completely and certifiably insane, I responded. Never denied it! And if being crazy/cuckoo/barmy/bonkers/daft and demented means that I get to have such incredible experiences then I won't be catching the Sanity Express anytime soon!

I shan't be writing an in-depth review of the conference because my round up video is the perfect way to get a feel for the fabulous event that was BlogHer 2014. You'll see the people, the parties, the sponsors, the speakers and there is even some Scotland V USA arm wrestling action thrown in for good measure. That alone should have you clicking on the play button right now! So don't let me delay you any longer, Warriors, and besides, I stayed up all night editing the video to have it ready for you first thing this morning so that is also another very good reason as to why you should sit back, relax and allow me to bring the BlogHer experience your way!

Wish you were here, 

GW xxxx

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  1. Ok just up and having a cup of tea and watched your weekend blog – quite a weekend and amazed at the amount of people and information to assimilate – resistance was indeed futile! ( I’m a true Trekkie too!) Really enjoyed watching it and looking forward to seeing more. Off to Arbroath now to have coffee and a blether with old school chums – Edwina, Sandra etc – I think you know them!!

  2. Really loved the video. Gave a huge flavour and feel of the event, its people and it’s vibe. Loved the rock out party at the end and the pop-up Golden Arches.
    Even though the video does it for me, I would love to know what you learned, from the sessions. Did you take home any points that will make you be a better blogger (not that you need to be) just that I am always interested in learning points, especially as most people say the States is 18 months ahead of us in the UK. What are they up to that we aren’t (yet)? Sorry for all of the questions. THANK YOU for staying up all night editing the video – it was WELL worth it!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      You know, I’m not the best person to ask about what I learned from the sessions. Lol! I’m afraid I only went to three. I find all the learning sessions a bit overwhelming as there is so much to take in and combine that with my very, very short attention span and it’s a bit of a headache. I went to BlogHer and BritMums for that matter, more to connect with and meet people and to uneleash the GW on the world! 😉 But from what other people said the sessions were highly informational for some and not so much for others. My feeling is that you can always get something out of them if you go in with the right attitude.I didn’t,however, get the impression that the States are 18 months ahead of us. I’d say we Brit bloggers are doing just fine and I felt happy to be representin’ y’all! 😉 xxxxx

  3. You captured it GIRL!!!! This video highlights all the wonderful beauty that you will be surrounded by when you attend BlogHer! Thank you so much for including me in your highlights – I really do LOVE talking about growing flowers so lets grow something together sometime soon.

    Off to share this fab post with my friends! Bren

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I would happily grow flowers or anything else with you!! I would love you to do a guest blog for me all about flowers! I’ve never had anything like it on there and I think my readers with love it AND you! You have such great energy, Bren! xoxo

  4. Great video!

    So. Funny story: This evening I was watching another BlogHer video (from Aussa Lorens) and the boyfriend looks at it and says, “What’s that blogger’s name? Is it Ginger something? Queen of the Gingers? Do you know that blogger?”

    At which point, I’m getting a little jealous, like um…”I know her and no, it’s not Ginger something…who is Ginger?!”

    “Well at BlogHer some girl came up and video taped me and asked me about BlogHer and then she gave me her card.”

    “Do you still have her card?”

    “Ummm…I don’t know.”

    So I stalked. And I think it was you. And this long story didn’t end with me finding my boyfriend in a video, but I did find another ginger blogger to follow!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Lol! Yes, it was me, The Ginger Warrior. And I just read your round up post and loved it! Apologise to your boyf on my behalf. 😉 And thanks for following – still all very new to this and need all the help I can get! xoxoxox

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