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Beth Blogs: Welcome to my first ever blog!

Beth Blogs: Welcome to my first ever blog!


Hello Warriors of the World!

My name is Beth and Ceri, a.k.a. The Ginger Warrior, is my mum's cousin. I was 14 on the 6th August and I have Down syndrome. 

Today for my first blog I am going to tell you about my holiday at Duchally. It's a country estate in Scotland near Gleneagles. I went with my family  for my birthday.

This is me and my brother Lewis outside the hotel:


This is us with Granny Joyce and Grandad Dougie:


When we are arrived we checked in then we went to the swimming pool.  It was great fun.

The next day we went for afternoon tea at Gleneagles. My favourite part was all the cakes. I really love chocolate!


It was beautiful there with all the flowers but I got a stone stuck in my shoe and had to stop to get it out:


I had a really, really good day with my family and a great birthday and I loved my dress!


But don't go away yet! Here is a little video of our special day.  I hope you have fun watching my first ever vlog because I really enjoyed making it!

Beth Blogs, over and out.


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  1. Loved it Beth! Looking gorgeous in your birthday dress and those revolving doors looked a lot of fun! Happy 14th birthday xx

  2. Hi Beth – great first blog and vlog! I loooooove your dress too! :)

    I grew up in Auchterarder, just outside Gleneagles, and I used to go cycling past Duchally lots. Beautiful place! I’m not sure I’ve ever had the Gleneagles afternoon tea though – will have to persuade my parents to treat me sometime! :)

    Looks like you had an amazing birthday!

  3. Great blog Beth! Happy belated birthday :)

  4. Brilliant! Inspirational! Lost for words!

  5. Brilliant first blog/blog Beth. I really liked the tour of the ‘fancy toilets’

  6. What a brilliant 1st blog Beth. I loved hearing all about your fab trip to Gleneagles, very envious of the afternoon tea (and posh toilets) 😉 Hope you have had an amazing holiday with your family this week and can’t wait for your next exciting blog xxx

  7. Brilliant blog and vlog Beth! Looking forward to your next one xx

  8. Beth…that was absolutely brilliant…you are a natural blogger!!!! Very proud of you….lots of love AS and UG…xxx q

  9. Just like her mums cousin….. Very natural in front of a camera…liked the posh bogs!!

  10. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Beth that was brilliant! I think The Ginger warrior has to watch out she has some big competition! Xx

  11. Well Done Beth!! Really enjoyed watching that and loved the bit about the posh toilet.xx

  12. What a fantastic job Beth, it all looks amazing and looks like you’ve have fun! Look forward to the next Blog!x

  13. Excellent blogging and vlogging Beth :) Love your dress. We have stayed at Duchally but no lovely cakes at Gleneagles for us. Keep up the good work x

  14. Wow what a great guest vlogger! I hope we hear more from her!

  15. Confidence runs in the family then? Beth, you are beautiful, great vlog! x

  16. Absolutely loved your first blog Beth! Well done you! Look out Ginger Warrior, you have competition! X

  17. Yay! A huge well done Beth, your first blog and vblog! Looking forward to hearing more from you xx

  18. Hi beth,loved looking at your blog,the cakes looked fab 😀 . I also thought you looked fab in your dress. See you at school love Holly x

  19. Hi Beth, well, that was a fantastic Blog and Vlog of your birthday with all your family. I liked the look of the cakes at Gleneagles WOW!!! I really loved your dress.You certainly looked like you had a great birthday. I am looking forward to your next Blog.
    Over and Out
    The Happy Chappy

  20. Hi Beth,
    That was a great blog, loved it, looks like you had a fab birthday and I would have loved the cakes aswell, they looked very tasty, yum yum, loving the long hair its grown so quick. looking forward to seeing you next week at dancing. have a good weekend.

    Love Norma xx

  21. Hi Beth,
    a roving reporter in the making!
    I enjoyed seeing where you went for your birthday.
    What will you be getting up to next?

  22. Fantastic Beth!

  23. Just brilliant Beth, well done

  24. Well done Beth on your first Blog! Looks like you all had a fabulous time at Gleneagles for your birthday Treat. Look forward to your next blog xox

  25. Congratulations Beth on your first blog! Looks like you had a fab birthday, must say I’m very jealous that you were at Gleneagles, afternoon tea is my favourite. Your pictures are great and I love your dress too. Keep up the excellent work, good for you being so motivated at the tender age of 14.

  26. Well done Beth! Loved your first ever blog, can’t wait for the next one! xxx. Look out GW you’ve got competition! x

  27. Fabulous! GW’s got a bit of competition here now!! Can’t wait to hear more Beth!
    Love Suzanne xxx

  28. Hiya Beth, loved your blog and Leonna loved seeing you on your vblog , she also loves your dress and fantastic shoes !. Looking forward to seeing your next blog xxxx

  29. Hi Beth absolutely loved your first BLOG!!!!!!! So glad you had a lovely birthday you look as if you were having a great time with Your family. I have seen lots of photos of you on Facebook and you were looking lovely so grow up!!! Enjoy the last few days of your holidays, back to school next week. Hope to see you soon. Love Kate xxxx

  30. Hi Beth, looks like you and all the family had a fab time at Gleneagles!! You looked so grown up in your posh dress!!! Your afternoon tea looked amazing!!

  31. I had a cheesy grin on my face the whole way through that Beth!! You brightened my morning. Loved it x

  32. Fantastic first blog Beth, can’t wait to see the next one!!! Xx

  33. Super proud of my gorgeous daughter. What a lovely young lady she is turning out to be. Thanks to everyone who had played their part in moulding her into who she is today. I love you all ❤️

  34. Fantastic Beth, can’t wait for your next 1. You’re a natural. Xx

  35. Great blog Beth looked like yiu all had a great time look forward to your next story x

  36. Fantastic Beth, you have made me wavy to go for afternoon tea now so eat lots of yummy cakes. I look forward to seeing more of your blogs. Keep up the good work

  37. What a brilliant first blog x well done you x what a brilliant present a stay at glen eagles and afternoon tea x loved your dress as well x keep your blogs coming x

  38. Wow! Hotel looks ace. Love afternoon tea. It’s a real treat! Fabulous blog and video Beth. I really enjoyed it. Love your dress by the way. Where is it from? Keep up the great work. :)

  39. Hi Beth I loved reading your blog the pictures are great. You looked fantastic in your new dress. I look forward to the next one. Sally.

  40. Beth, you done well, look forward to whatever comes next x

  41. Hello there Beth.
    Just a wee comment to say I love that dress.
    Your holiday looked fabby. :)

  42. Loved reading and viewing your blog.. I look forward to the next installment!
    You look beautiful in your dress, but I am not so sure about your dads flower power shorts !! Please post a picture of him posing in them !
    Great blog great girl and a great family X

  43. Love your Blog Beth , keep it up xx

  44. How brilliant are you Beth. The video is great. You are one smart cookie. I look forward to seeing some more of your blog. Mo Broomfield

  45. What a fabulous first blog AND vlog Beth. Thank you for sharing your fabulous birthday with us. I love your dress too, simply gorgeous. But there’s nothing as nice as coming home and putting on your comfy clothes is there 😉

  46. Ceri – brilliant job x

  47. LOVE it Beth!! Looks like you all had a fab time and I LOVE your dress and shoes! Can’t believe that’s you 14 already! Looking forward to the next one! xx

  48. Brilliant Beth!!You are a natural!Maybe see you when I am next home in Arbroath!Lots of Love….over and out!x

  49. Beth, I loved your first ever Vlog. Your video was special. Looking forward to your next Vlog. Love you Auntie Susan x

  50. Great first blog post Beth, looking forward to hearing more from you! Hope you had a fantastic birthday :)

  51. Beth, your blog and vlog were awesome and I totally loved your dress! I need to come and go to Gleneagles some time. You really made it look like a place I should visit!

  52. FANTASTIC!!!! Such a natural, had me in happy tears all the way through!!!! Well done Beth xxx

  53. Absolutely fantastic Beth. Can’t wait for the next one xx

  54. Hey Beth, I just checked your blog out….. Awesome, very impressed and looking forward to many more. Well done :-)

  55. Superb Beth, what an awesome young lady you are, loved that, and love you so very very much! xxxxxxxxxx

  56. Hi Beth. Loved your first blog and vlog!!!! Well done!!!! Looks like you had a fab birthday. Looking forward to your next blog xxx

  57. Hi Beth,
    Can’t believe how grown up you are. What a fantastic blog. Love it, keep them coming. Glad you had a fantastic birthday too!!
    Jan x

  58. Really enjoyed this blog + loved the video Beth! Great photos of you and your family……looks like everyone had a fantastic time! :) Looking forward to your next blog! xx

  59. wow Beth your first blog is amazing, looking lovely in your dress!! hope you write again soon, well done xx

  60. Brilliant blog Beth and loved your video. Looks like you had a fab birthday! Can’t wait to see some more xxx

  61. I can’t get over how you’ve grown into lovely young Lady!
    Happy Birthday Beth,

  62. fabulous beth, love your blog! you look gorgeous in that dress & i hope you had a lovely birthday xxx

  63. Hi Beth. Loved the blog. I wonder where you got your love of chocolate from??? Gleneagles looked fab. Loved the posh sarnies.

  64. Hi Beth!!! Great job on you first Blog/Vlog!!! It was so fun to meet you when I was visiting Ceri last year! What a fun video!

  65. Hi Beth, your Blog was cool and I love your video. A big happy birthday.xx

  66. Your birthday looked very special. You looked very beautiful in your outfit. I will look for you again. Here’s hoping you have lots more adventures. Xox

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