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Beth Blogs: MY FIRST JOB!!

Beth Blogs: MY FIRST JOB!!

Beth job 6

Hi Warriors of the World! I hope you are all doing grrrreat!

Firstly, sorry for taking so long to do another blog. It’s been a busy period you know! I have been keeping out of mischief (mostly, not too much) with lots of things like:-
  • School (I’m now in 4th year!)
  • Dance shows (Mania Dance Studio, JJ, Norma and the crew are FAB!)
  • Horse riding (Angus RDA, Eleanor, Joanne & the horses are great!)
  • Arbroath High School winning the Scottish finals and qualifying for the UK Rock Challenge Final at Milton Keynes on 6th July (I’m going to do a separate blog just on this so watch this space!)
However I have also started..
Beth Job 7
I am now working at E & O Fish in Arbroath. It is a family run business led by Colin, Dianne, Lewis and Josh and they are just amazing. I started a few weeks back and have been working 4pm to 6 pm every Tuesday. I even have my very own uniform, hat and have to wear wellies!
Beth Job 1
What do you think, Warriors? Don't I look just the part?!
The team are great and on the day I started the very first thing I had to do was sing a song: Three cra’s sat upon a wa'. Apparently no song, no job! (They clearly hadn’t heard me sing before!)
Everyone sings and Colin’s songs are funny, especially “How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a kiss”. He sings it over and over until Dianne sorts him out!
This is me and Dianne, the Big Boss, and my friend Cean who works there too. This was just before I started my very first shift. I was more excited than nervous!
Beth Job 2
I am learning lots on new things like how to wash up (mum and dad will be happy as I can now do all  the washing up at home) and I was cleaning famous Arbroath smokies with Cean. I think we did a very good job of it.
Beth Job 3
Cean is my friend and we swim together at Arbroath St Thomas. We sometimes get told off at swimming for chattering too much! Me and Cean think that the fish feels a bit funny and it does smell but we're not afraid to get stuck in!
In the summer holidays I have been asked to go in through the day and be taught how to dress crabs. Here is me and Granny Joyce with one of the crabs. Luckily it wasn't alive so it didn't pinch me!
Beth Job 4
After my first day I got my wages. Dianne asked how much I thought I deserved and I said “£1 and 2 cans of pepsi max”. Dianne said she wishes she could pay all her staff in Pepsi Max. 
I got my first wage in a wee brown pay packet. As it is a special one, my first one, I plan on keeping it as a momento! Anyway, why would I want to spend my money when I can spend mum & dad's? I'm not daft, you know! I plan to save up my wages and buy a flat so I think I need a few more shifts before I've got enough for that.
Everyone in the team at E&O have made me feel very welcome and although it is still early days I am sure that I am going to really enjoy being part of the team. I would just like to say a huge thank you to Colin and Dianne for giving me this opportunity.
Beth Job 5
Ok - must dash - more Rock Challenge rehearsals! I'm looking forward to seeing Auntie Ceri, Craigy Boy and Sapphie Whippet next week when I head down South for the final. 
Wish me and my dancing buddies luck, Warriors. We've worked so hard for this!

Beth Blogs, over and out.


beth job 8

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  1. Beth, I just LOVE your blogs!! You look like you are having a great time in your new job xx

  2. Wow…what a busy life you lead Beth….school, work, horse riding, singing and dance practice!!! Love reading your blogs and seeing your lovely SMILE! 😀 Good Luck to you and the team in the Rock Challenge final next week! xx

  3. Good luck to all at the Rock Challenge

    Glad you are enjoying your new job

  4. Brilliant blog Beth and funny too! Good Luck to you and the rest of your group for Rock Challenge!!

  5. Great blog Beth ,, great to see your enjoying working at E&O ,, I worked there after school for four years and had some great times with everybody,, I hope your enjoying tying the smokies..
    Look forward to reading your next blog

  6. What a fab blog Beth, loved hearing all about your new job.
    Wishing you the very best of luck for the Rock Challenge final xx

  7. Great Blog Beth, and great to see you are enjoying your First Job in the fish shop. My first Job after School was working with Fish for Mr Fallon, I enjoyed it so much that when I left School I went to work on a fishing boat catching the fish. Lewis, Gran and I are looking forward to cheering you and your pals at Rock Challenge in M.K. xxx

  8. Well what can I say Beth. You are just my wee star and you make me smile each time you come into work and brighten up my day.
    You’ve achieved quite a few things at work already and we have many more things to learn you which I’m looking forward to.
    We did have fun on our wee trip in the van last Tuesday doing the deliveries which you got thevtips and I never got any lol.
    See you next week and yes I will have your Pepsi max. Lol. Xx

  9. Brilliant blog Beth! Looks like so much fun working at E&O, could you ask Diane if I could have a job there please?
    All the best for the Rock Challenge, really look forward to hearing all about it!
    Jane xx

  10. Hi Beth, great earning your first pay packet isn’t it? My first job was working on a mushroom farm. I had to pick all the mushrooms in a large dark,damp,cold shed each Saturday morning. It wasn’t very pleasant and working on my own wasn’t much fun either but, it meant I could save up for some spending money to take on a school trip. Put me off eating mushrooms for years though!!!!!

  11. Well done Beth in your first job. You’ll be running the business before you know it. Looking forward to seeing you next week. x

  12. what a fab blog Beth u little working lady ,,Good luck in the Rock Challenge xxx

  13. loved your Blog look forward to the next one.Following in grandad’s footsteps, he’ll be proud.Good luck in Milton Keynes.x

  14. Wow Beth you’re busy! You’re making me feel bad. Congrats on your new job !

  15. Well done Beth on your first job! Sounds like you are having a great time! Good luck with the job and all your activities – you make me feel worn out just reading about them! I love your infectious smile :-) Take care! Love Suzanne xxx

  16. Congratulations on your first job Beth. Crab is my absolute favourite but I have never tried an Arbroath Smokie. It all looks amazing. I’m sure you’ll get used to the smell. I used to work in MacDonald’s and the smell of the pickled gherkins was my least favourite part.

  17. Great blog Beth, you are so lucky to be learning all these new skills in such a fun place – dressed crab is one of our favourites so we’ll be into your shop for some of that. Soon be time for the finals of Rock Challenge at Milton Keynes – great excitement for you and the AHS team, Good Luck xx

  18. Well done on your new job. Glad you are enjoying it & your different hobbies. You’re a very busy girl xx

  19. Another great blog Beth, very busy as always. Good luck to you all in the Rock Challenge!x

  20. Another fab blog beth! Always look forward to reading it xx

  21. Brilliant blog Beth, you are a busy young lady, a super star. well done with the new job. Look forward to hearing about Rock Challenge. Good luck to you and the rest of the team xx

  22. Great blog Beth, always love reading it and seeing what your up too, you were fantastic in your show and good luck for rock challenge you’ll be fab. Xx

  23. One very proud mother – she really does so well. A massive thanks to Di & the team at E&O Fish for giving her this fantastic opportunity, keep paying her in cans of Pepsi Max & you’ll have one happy worker xx
    Also a great big thank you to The AHS Rock Challenge team for including Beth in your team & all the very best at the National Finals xx

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