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Beth Blogs: You asked and Beth has answered!!

Beth Blogs: You asked and Beth has answered!!

Beth blogs

Greetings Warriors of the World! I'm back and this time I'm answering the questions that you asked me at the end of last month's blog. There were so many great questions and I've tried my best to answer them all. Thanks to my Dad for helping me with them.

Please let me know if I have missed anything out that you'd like to know!

What do you hope to do career-wise?

It's probably not much of a surprise but I really want to be a dance teacher!

If you could dance with anyone in the whole wide world who would it be and why?

Pasha Kovalev from Strictly Come Dancing. I really like his personality but I think he is handsome too!


What is your favourite styling of dancing?

I love tap (and have never fallen in the sink. That was Dad's joke. Not very funny). I probably love tap because it's one of the noisiest forms of dancing!

What do you eat to get all that energy?

A healthy balanced diet and five a day: chocolate orange, strawberry bonbons, tomato sauce, carrot cake and raspberry ripple ice-cream. 

Who do you think you are most like in the family?

My Auntie Ceri because I have a pale complexion, long hair, am outgoing, fun, like baking, like sweet stuff, am loud, snore, burp and fart.

***  Auntie Ceri here - I DO NOT burp and fart. I would never doing anything so unlady like.  Cheek!! ;)

me and Beth

What would you do with three wishes?

The first thing would be to go to Texas to visit my cousin Sophie. She moved there with her family in the summer. My second wish would be to have the power to make myself invisible as I could get up to all sorts of mischief! My third and final wish would be to have a never ending bowl of ice-cream and sprinkles. As soon as you get to the bottom it would fill up again!!

What are you going to do next to make me cry?

My Granny Joyce asked me that and I have a feeling she might cry when she reads the answer to one of the other questions that comes later.

Beth, because you're such an inspiration to so many people who inspires you and why?

My dance teacher, JJ Christine. She is so good with all the dancers, never gets flustered and always seems to have fun! She is also a great role model and a genuinely nice person. I love you JJ!!


What is your favourite food, and where is your favourite place to eat?

I love Chinese (rice & noodles) and I also like McD's - their chips, mozzarella melts & mcflurry's especially!

If you could be a professional cheerleader at any event, what would you choose?

I think it would be really cool to do a routine at a Wimbledon final for Andy Murray. I hope he gets there again!

Where is your favourite place you've been to so far and where would you love to visit one day?

Out of all the places I've been so far Disney World in Florida and Portugal are my favourite places but I'd love to visit Texas because Sophie is there.

Beth disney

What’s your favourite time of year and why?

I love summer because I go out to play lots more with my friends but Christmas time is really nice and special because I spend it with my family.

Who is your favourite Disney character and why?

I love Elsa from Frozen because she is able to turn everything into snow and ice and make beautiful sparkly castles!

What’s the silliest thing your Auntie Ceri has ever done?

When I was little she used to sing "Snuggle Puppy"  to me all the time with a silly, squeaky voice; she forgot to leave the USA on time; and my Dad said she has the world's worst jogging action - like Phoebe from Friends. In short, Ceri just being Ceri is silly. Auntie Ceri, please fill in the blanks.

*** I refuse to fill in the blanks out of fear that it might harm my reputation as a fine, upstanding and VERY sensible member of the Ginger Warrior community.

What is your Favourite subject at school?

I think Home Economics is fab and I'm really good at it according to Dad who gets to sample all of my recipes and he says he really likes them!

Do you have a favourite Christmas movie?

Elf is the best and makes me laugh so much. I especially like the bit when Buddy does the splits on the escalator because he doesn't understand how it works!

What's your favourite musical and song from that musical?

Les Miserables is my favourite musical and I love all the songs but I'd say that I Dreamed a Dream is the one I like best. I think it's beautiful.

What is the name of your favourite horse?

Robbie is my favourite horse. Not Molly as she keeps dipping her head down!!

Beth and Robbie

If you could spend the day with someone famous, who would it be and where would you go with them?

Brooke Vincent. I love her so much and we would just spend the day on  the set of Coronation Street and maybe they'd even give me a small role!

Who would you give your last Rolo to?

Obviously my Dad who isn't helping me to write this...

Beth, who is your favourite teacher and why?

I like all my teachers at Arbroath High School but my favourite is Mr Shepherd the PE teacher as he helps me play Badminton.

What is your favourite: sweets, crisps or cake and why?

Crisps - ready salted Pringles are THE BEST and I wouldn't share them with ANYONE!!!

Who is your best friend and why?

Although I have lots of friends, like Nicole, Brooke  and Chloe, I think my very best friend is my Granny Joyce as she plays skipping with me, helps me with my make-up and spends lots of time with me! She's great, would do anything for me and I love her to the moon and back.


And there you have it, Warriors! Some more information about me, Beth Greig. I hope I was able to answer all your questions.

For next month's blog I'm going to tell you all about how I spent Christmas and what presents I got! Until then, I want to thank you all for reading my blogs and watching my videos and I wish you and your families

merry christmas1

Beth Blogs, over and out.

P.S.  Don't forget to leave me a comment! :)

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  1. Beth, you are adorable! I love your blogs! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bet Granny Joyce is so chuffed

  3. What a character you are, Beth!! Just like Auntie Ceri

  4. Ah Beth your right about Granny Joyce ,she is your best friend and always will be ,will love you unconditionally xx

  5. It was lovely to find out more about you Beth!

  6. Fab blog Beth, I love reading them and I also have the same 5 a day. Lol. Xx looking forward to next blog, Merry Christmas to you and family. Xx

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed your blog Beth! You are a ray of sunshine and I know your Granny Joyce loves you to pieces along with your handsome brother! Merry Xmas Beth xxxxx

  8. really enjoy your blogs x keep them coming

  9. Another super blog Beth. Hope you’re getting your Granny Joyce lots of tissues for Christmas. xx

  10. Love your website and your blog, its great

    Syd ( Perth Australia )


  11. Beth I love your blog, you are a beautiful amazing young lady!! You are right about Granny Joyce , she will always be there for you!!!

  12. great blog Beth, was great to hear more about you, sounds like you are a very busy wee bee! Your granny sounds very special. Xx

  13. Great blog Beth you are a star I knew the day I drove You, your Mum Dad and Granny back to Arbroath from the hospital that you were going to be special person. You have got an amazing family who have encouraged you from day one.Have a lovely Christmas looking forward to your next blog.xxxx

  14. Lovely blog Beth, Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and

  15. That was so fun to read! I loved learning more about Beth

  16. Well done Beth!
    Another great read and I had a tear in my eye regarding Granny Joyce. Your Granny is my fav Auntie. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas and Santa is very good to you.

    Looking forward to Beth’s next Blog.

    Love from your Forfar cousins.
    Jill xx

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