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Be kind to yourself, Warriors!

Be kind to yourself, Warriors!


So here we are! Monday morning: an opportunity to renew good intentions, revisit lapsed resolutions and start the week afresh. For too many of us though, this is exactly when we are hardest on ourselves: our inner critics go into overdrive reminding us how much we have to do, and everything that didn't quite get done last week. With Springtime comes an added pressure. This morning, like me, have you looked in the mirror with a groan and a promise to get back on the diet and go to the gym?

A stroll past the magazine racks or a sneaky glance down the Daily Mail's sidebar of shame would have us all believe that our top priority should be trying the latest celebrity diet or newest superfood with the aim of achieving a bikini body by the time the summer rolls around. Quick! Hurry! The warmer weather is coming! Thigh gap, a flat belly, toned thighs, banished cellulite, a beautiful tan and a total absence of bingo-wings are all apparently de rigeur if you plan on venturing onto a beach this year without being arrested by the swimwear police.

Here's the thing. Until Photoshop is available live, the body I have is my bikini body. It's also my breastfeeding body, cocktail dress body, trouser suit body and pyjamas-in-front-of-the-telly body. Well upholstered, beginning to show its age and somewhat battered by childbirth and a chronically rubbish back; I might not choose to show it off, but it's still mine.

So warriors, let's give ourselves a break. Yes, looking after our bodies with good diet and exercise is hugely important, but instead of setting impossible goals this morning, let's be kind to ourselves instead. It might sell a lot of magazines, but the sound of dissatisfaction doesn't need to be the only voice in our heads when we look in the mirror!

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Laura Knight, over and out.


P.S. So warriors, what makes you feel better about facing the week?



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  1. Wow! Laura thank you for being a guest blogger & making us think & feel a little better about ourselves on this Monday morning.

    I personally really liked your blog, as my name suggests I’m pregnant at the moment & am due in July so I most definitely won’t be having the “bikini body” the magazines are going on about this summer. I really like your positive message of loving who you are no matter what shape or size. Thank you again! x

  2. Well said Laura, after a weekend away with an ( almost) 3 year old granddaughter I awoke this morning feeling my 64 year old body protesting at the swimming, scootering, running, shute climbing etc etc but you are so right – it still serves me well and I am thankful for it!! X

  3. As a three time Mum the wrong side of 55 I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never again be the lithesome 25 year old I once was. No harm in making the best of what you’ve got and living healthily, but equally – no joy in beating yourself up for not meeting the impossible standards our misguided media encourages us to. At the end of the day, when people see the sparkle in your eyes and love in your smile you’ll be adored whatever shape you are. PROUD TO BE ME! x

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