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BBC Good Food Show. YUUUUM!!

BBC Good Food Show. YUUUUM!!


On Thursday Craigy Boy and I headed to the same venue in order to explore our different passions. That man of mine had a ticket for Motorcycle Live at the NEC in Birmingham whilst I, the GW, had something more calorific in store: the BBC Good Food Show!

The only thing better than going to the BBC Good Food Show and sampling a wide array of goodies is going to the BBC Good Food Show and sampling a wide array of goodies for FREEEE! For I had a press pass:



There's something to be said for this blogging malarky. ;)

As I entered the giant exhibition hall and turned to my left I was met by this wickedly tempting sight:


It's not fair, if you think about it, to have a massive chocolate fountain staring you in the face from the very outset. But I was determined to resist and resist I did. And then I promptly came across Laura's Fudge where resistance proved entirely futile:


I do believe I came away with a cheeky square in the four following flavours: smarties, belgian chocolate, salted caramel and creamy toffee fudge. I'd like to say that I slowly savoured each bite and made my stash last throughout the day but I'd be lying. Fifteen minutes post purchase and I was feeling very content and just a little bit sick. When will I learn???

Despite the photographic evidence to the contrary there were an abundance of stalls offering savoury treats such as pastries, pies and cheeses but I naturally gravitate to all that is sweet and sugary and cries: "Get your Type 2 diabetes here!".

But it's not all about the food. (Did I just say that??  Someone wash my mouth out!!) If you're into kitchen gadgets then you would have been in your absolute element - some of the major and many lesser known brands are there to entice you with their wares and everywhere you turn there are lively demonstrations to entice you even further. And I thought I could talk fast! I did purchase a small gadget myself and Craigy Boy and I have enjoyed putting it to good use, especially in the evenings before we go to bed. Soooooo not what you're thinking, you filthy Warriors, but to find out what it is then you'll just have to watch the video at the end!

My favourite purchase of the day was for my two year old goddaughter Tilly-Mae. I simply HAD to get this for her:


AAAAGH!! Have you ever seen anything so stinking cute?? I pick Tilly-Mae up from nursery every Tuesday and now and again we'll pop something in the oven. I think she'll be thrilled to have her very own little apron so watch this space for some adorable pictures!!

By this point I had spent several hours strolling, shopping, sampling and sampling some more and was ready to call it a day. But not before I briefly met up with my lovely friend Vicky from over at A Cupcake Mum. Vicky is a blogging and Good Food Show veteran and has a lot of handy tips that she was willing to share with me. Thanks, Vickster! And don't forget - sleepover chez The Ginger Warrior in the New Year!

All in all I had a simply marvellous day and would highly recommend the Good Food Show. It really is the ultimate day out for food, drink and kitchen gadget lovers everywhere!

Couple of tips, however, if you do plan on attending in the future:

 - wear flat(ish) shoes because you will cover some serious distance in that there exhibition hall!

- take some kind of shopping bag or even a shopping basket thingy on wheels for your purchases and freebies. If you do leave yours at home then do not fret - I did notice one stall selling them and they appeared to have a lot of custom!

- if you have a ticket for the Thursday or Friday and wish to avoids hoards of school children then wait until 3pm.  That will still leave you with a good three hours of shopping time.

 - do what Vicky does. She makes her way around once and notes down the products that are of interest and their prices and then the second time around she knows exactly where she's going and what she wants to buy. In short, save yourself time and energy and PLAN your route!

 - don't be afraid to try your hand at bartering and bringing the prices down. You never know until you try!

And finally, don't forget to make a mental or, even better, written note of where you left your car! If mine didn't have "The Ginger Warrior" written all over it and hadn't been noticed by one of the parking attendants then it could have been a very long night of seeking and searching!

GW, over and out.  

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  1. Was lovely to catch up – even though it was short and sweet.
    Yes, girls sleepover in the new year, full of cake and all things wonderful sound good. Will sort out a date with you soon xx

  2. Lovin’ the mini apron and a very interesting roving report Ceri! Never been so enjoyed seeing what it’s like. Thank you.

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