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Anyone flying Stateside this summer?

Anyone flying Stateside this summer?

flying stateside

Anyone flying stateside this summer?  I am.  And up until 2 week ago, despite my well-documented fear of flying, I was viewing my transatlantic flight in an almost positive frame of mind.  After all, I flew to New York in March and the bottle of valium that has become my constant travel companion over the last few years returned unopened. It was a triumphant moment for the GW and one that gave me a much needed boost of courage. Then, one morning, my new found pluck and determination took an almighty nose dive.

It was a Thursday if I remember rightly, around 7am. I was upstairs straightening my hair and Craigy Boy was eating his breakfast whilst watching the news as he does every day - he’s a creature of habit that man of mine. I was barely listening to the news as the GHDs glided through my silky red locks when two words suddenly jolted me out of my reverie: 1) terrorists 2) planes. I called down to Craig and asked him to turn up the t.v. He ignored me for as long as he could (bless, he was only trying to protect me) until the tone and volume of my voice became unignorable. I put down my straighteners and gave the BBC my undivided attention. 

It turned out that there were some new terrorist threats on the horizon involving the implantation of non-metallic explosives in smartphones, laptops and surgically implanted in the terrorists themselves that could potentially go undetected at security. The terrorists were upping their game, aviation officials were upping security checks and it appeared that I would be upping my valium dosage.

I still have every intention of flying but the nerves I had worked so hard to banish are back with a vengeance and my list of “things that terrify me about flying” has two shiny new bullet points. Here’s a look at the updated list if you’re interested:

  • pilot error (supposedly the primary cause of 50% of all crashes)
  • mechanical failure
  • turbulence
  • freak weather
  • bird strike
  • meteor shower
  • ruptured bulkhead
  • hijacking
  • suicide bombers
    • using the plane as the bomb
    • *with explosives implanted in electronic devices
    • *with explosives surgically implanted 

Ever since the new threats came to light (via US intelligence) airport security checks here in the UK, particularly involving direct flights to the US, have been ramped up. David Cameron made it clear that:

"The safety of the travelling public must come first. We mustn't take any risks with that… I hope this won't lead to unnecessary delays but it's very important that we always put safety first, and we do."

Quite frankly I couldn’t care less how long I’m delayed if it means potentials terrorist plots are discovered and quashed before any damage is done. And I’ll tell you something for nothing, if, when I’m at Heathrow next Wednesday, I hear a single person moaning about how long it’s taking to get through security they’ll be getting a piece of my mind and make no bones about it! Let it be known that I, the GW, am willing to submit to any vigorous check that comes my way. Heck, strip me naked and probe me in public!  All I care about is getting there safe, sound and in one piece. Am I’m sure I will. Not 100% sure but enough to get me on the plane with my unopened bottle of valium close at hand.

Ginger Warrior, over and out.


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  1. Have a very safe trip honey – we’re stateside this summer as well, and I’m panicking about the flight too with the recent security threats, so you’re not alone! xxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      So glad to hear it! I mean, I’m not glad that you’re panicking but glad I’m not alone! Where are you going? xx

  2. I have just come back from a tour of the Southern States and these extra security measures were announced just a couple of days before we left. Initially I admit I did think, oh god that’s us having to spend hours in queues and I have a table booked at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant to make before the flight, but I must admit that was a fleeting thought. Like you I would rather that than the worst happen. I therefore took the mind-set of if you want to search me and my bags then by all means, knock yourself out. I haven’t got anything to hide.

    In reality, however, I didn’t experience anything differently to all of the other times that I have flown from Heathrow – which I do a lot due to work. I had gone to the States the week before my holiday to the States (mental I know) and security was the same. Put your little bottles in a bag, take your belt off, take your ipad/kindle/laptop out of your bag and put it in a tray. The usual.

    Please don’t get me started however on the people in the queue however that seem incapable of reading all the signs that tell you this and wait till they are at the security belt to then proceed to pull all of this stuff out of their bags which shouldn’t be there and look perplexed when told that no, a family bottle size of shampoo and shower-gel cannot go with you. And that is another bug bear – why do you need to take this in your hand luggage?!?? I am truly baffled! -oooo I could rant about that all night, but I digress.

    Flying home from the US yesterday was also fine. I have however happened upon a little leaflet though in my suitcase when coming to unpack today from the Department of Homeland Security telling me that they had chosen my bag at random to search. This was done once I had checked it in and I was none the wiser till now. It appears that they got everything out the case and repacked it and the only way I know this is that it was a) better packed then when I had left it, so thank you Mr/s Homeland Security person, and B) I bought the husband some maple syrup and that was right at the bottom of the bag wrapped in some bubble wrap and they have kindly sealed it together with tape to make more secure – the take reads Inspected by The US Department of Homeland Security. So thanks for not letting syrup spill all over my clothes!

    The long and short of my ramblings GW is don’t worry, all will be fine and you will have a fab time. I certainly did!

  3. I guess you will be taking in BlogHer whilst there? :-) Can’t wait to hear about THAT – I hope you do a video as good as your BritMums Live one.
    Sorry about the flight nerves, you’ll be fine, after all you are a WARRIOR not a WORRIER.
    Do you like what I did there?
    Good luck and bon voyage.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I will indeed be taking in BlogHer and I will be doing lots of vlogging so watch this space! And yes, I’m a WArrior so I can do this whole plane thing!!!! :) xxx

  4. Hi GW, you will have a safe trip….we have to think like that, otherwise we’d never go anywhere & the terrorists or what/whoever they are have won!
    Since moving to China 5 yrs ago, I’ve flown here, there & everywhere (long haul & short haul), even flew Malaysian airline!
    It used to worry me before coming here, probably coz I only took a holiday abroad once a year….but now I have to try & put it to the back of my mind….not that I’m blase about travelling….not by a long shot, but I need to get from a to b & the plane is the best & safest mode of transport!
    I would say, sadly, that there are more accidents/fatalities from driving a car than from air travel, but we don’t get to hear all about most of those as its not “big news”! The media loves a juicy story…..air crashes make the front page…..car crashes, no!
    Also, I would say, for those who prefer to drive instead of fly…..being in control perhaps is what they want to feel? You’re in control of your car if you’re driving, but not the case obviously if you’re flying in a big jumbo!
    I’ll be back in the UK for a few weeks at the end of this month….I will have a small amount of anxiety (only human) getting on that plane, but have to have a little faith & just go for it!
    Happy travels GW & have a fabulous time in the good ole’ US of A xxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      It is a huge leap of faith but you’re right – we just have to suck it up and get on with it. And I shall. *deep breath*

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