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Another fabulous instalment of BETH BLOGS!

Another fabulous instalment of BETH BLOGS!




My Auntie Ceri has said that demand has been high for a third instalment of "Beth Blogs".  Wow! I am pleased that my first two have been liked so much and wanted to thank you all again for continuing to read them and comment on them.
I have thought about what my next blog would be about and have decided to do it about my favourite thing... my Dad! Only joking. My favourite thing is...


I have been going to Mania Dance Studio since 2005 when I was just 5 years old.  Mania dance studio is fabulous and is run by JJ and helped by her magical Mum, Norma Laing.  JJ has run the studio since she was about 14 and runs classes most nights of the week catering for all ages from the ickles and the juniors to the intermediates  and the seniors. I am a now a senior and have made lots of friends at the dance studio over the years. The girls are very good at helping me. 
Here are some pictures of me dancing and cheerleading through the years with some of my amazing friends!
And this is me and JJ this past Halloween. I really love JJ and want to thank her for all that she does for me.
I do tap, modern and cheerleading classes and really enjoy them all!  We do various shows throughout the year and Norma does ALL the costumes for ALL the children. I think there are about a hundred, maybe more! I love the shows although I do get a little bit nervous before the start but once I have started I love it! All my family come to the shows to support me and Granny Joyce normally ends up crying for some reason!! 
The really great thing is that dancing is good for keeping you fit and supple and you know what?
I can still do the splits!
I think when I leave school I would like to become a dance teacher but I know it will be very hard work. I think I will practice teaching Dad to dance first because he is hopeless! Maybe we can get him on Strictly Come Dancing. Or maybe not because he might look something like this:
I hope you like this blog and the video that you're about to watch! But before you go, I have a favour to ask of you.
For my blog next month I'd really like it to be a Q & A session. So please leave me a question in the comment box below and I'll do my very best to answer it for you. Absolutely anything you'd like to know about me and my life, just ask away.  
I can't wait to read your questions, Warriors!!
P.S. If you have a problem watching my video from an ipad or mobile device then just click on the title of the video in the top left corner and that will take you to YouTube. Thanks!

Beth Blogs, over and out.

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  1. Well done Beth. Another brilliant Blog. What a busy little bee you are and so enthusiastic about your dancing and cheerleading. Can’t wait til your next Blog xxxx

  2. Well done Beth! You’ve got more rhythm than me!! You must get that from the GW!! Love your blogs! Xxx

  3. Far too energetic for my liking but looks like you all have such fun! You obviously follow in Auntie Ceri’s footsteps both with your dancing and your blogging ! Keep it up!
    My question for you is what do you hope to do career-wise?
    Look forward to your next blog!
    Su xx

  4. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for the great blog!

    I think you should make a video of you teaching your dad to dance, that would be fun.

    My question is this….

    If you could dance with anyone in the whole wide world…. who would it be?

    Lindy xx

    PS: I wish I could do the splits!

  5. Wow Beth, how do you find time to fit everything in?! Another great blog post, thanks!

  6. Hi Beth!

    Go you! What a fabulous blog and I love the pictures :)

    What is your favourite styling of dancing?

    Becky xx

  7. Hi Beth

    You look awesome in all the pictures!
    Not so sure about your dad though!
    Can you eat a whole onion as fast as your dad?
    Get him to show you how quickly he can do it.. Then say “I won’t be able to match that dad!”
    Love from the Saff of England X

  8. Well done Beth , I’m so proud of your achievements, xxx my question is, what are you going to do next to make me cry? ?!?! Xx love you & Lewis to the moon & back xx

  9. Hi Beth another great blog from you!!! I have a question for you, why don’t you come to the football anymore, nobody else brings snacks

  10. Hi Beth,

    Another fantastic blog…love it.
    Fabulous dancing maybe you could choreograph a small routine for your Aunty Ceri to teach us all at her class in Brackley!!
    Can’t wait for your next blog.

    Maria xx

  11. Beth you are amazing!!!! I think your granny Joyce cries because she is so proud of you x

    My ? For you is:- what do you eat to get all that energy? X

  12. Wow first time ive seen this blog. Well done Beth. Maybe one day soon Linda & I will come and see one of your shows xx

  13. Hi Beth,well another great blog,I don’t know where you get all the energy,your amazing. I just loved the pictures of you as a wee girl in all you different dance outfits. I have never see you dance in a show,but I will ask Granny Joyce to let me know if there is one coming up soon. My question is “What is your favourite food, and where is your favourite place to eat” love you Kate xx

  14. wow, another fantastic blog, thank you for the kind comments, you looked so cute in your costumes, you are fantastic at dancing and cheerleading and also very good at pulling my leg every week, always look forward to hearing your gossip, us girls can so chat eh Beth.

    My question- what has been your favourite dance that you have done at Dancemania.

    Looking forward to next blog.
    Over and out. Xx

  15. Great blog and loving the dancing! Looks a great place. Question for you, what’s the silliest thing your auntie ceri has ever done? Keep up the dancing Beth!

  16. Another great blog/vlog … my favourite is the nun routine. What is your favourite? Well put together Ceri xxx

  17. Fantastic Beth – what a great dancer and cheer leader you are, not to mention an amazing blogger! I wish I could cartwheel like that.

    My question is – if you could be a cheerleader at any event, what would you choose?

  18. Great blog.
    My question – “why is your Dad so handsome?”

    • Would that question have come from your dad?

      • The Ginger Warrior

        Lol! Hi Donna. Ceri here. It didn’t actually come from Ian but you’re barking close to the right tree! 😉

  19. Fantastic Blog Beth. Can’t wait for the question and answer session. You are a natural performer, full of personality, charm and fun. My question to you is’ who do you think you are most like in the family?’

  20. Well Done another fantastic blog Beth. My question – are you scared of anything?x

  21. What a great dancer and so flexible! Loved your blog!!

    You’re an amazing young lady and I’m not surprised Granny Joyce cries so much. What a proud Granny she is!! x

  22. Yaaaaay, after a really really horrible day at work, Beths 3rd Blog was exactly what I needed to cheer me up, our beautiful dancin queen, brilliant Beth, loved it, and love you

  23. Another fantastic blog Beth. Looking forward to the next one x

  24. Great blog again Beth.
    My question is do you have a particularly favourite dancer and what would you ask them if you met them?
    (PS when are you making more rock cakes?)

  25. Another great blog and really great to see the photos and the video. Particularly liked the one of you doing the splits! My question for next month would be about costumes because when I danced I had some lovely costumes. What’s been your favourite thing to wear for dancing so far?

  26. Absolutely fantastic Beth ! Loved reading your blog and hope you manage to teach your dad a wee bit of your moves! This could be a big challenge! Keep up the good work xx

  27. Another great blog, Beth…..you are soooooo good at this…..Think I know your favourite place to eat……and also your favourite food…..so not going to ask that!!!!!!! I will ask what you think your favourite holiday has been……and there has been quite a few of those over the years….Abroad or UK????? Difficult choice methinks…,xxxxxx

  28. Hi Beth really enjoying your monthly blogs. This one reminds me of the night you tried to get me to do the splits at mum’s work. Sorry I was rubbish, but we had a great night.
    My question is do you have a favourite song to dance to?

  29. Another super post Beth. Your Dad in a tutu did make me smile!
    I’d like to know about your best friend for your next blog. What do you enjoy doing when you meet up?

  30. What a wonderful blog! You look like you have lots of fun at class and work very hard. I loved your cartwheel. My dance school is a long drive away from yours but I know your dance teacher as we travel up to Dundee for her wonderful competitions. JJ is an inspiration and you are so lucky to have such a talented teacher. Keep blogging its wonderful. Vicki dejavu dance crew x

  31. Well that was brilliant Beth well done lots of love xx

  32. My question for you is what’s your favourite time of year and why?

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