Who is the GW?

Read below to find out more!

Greetings Warriors of the World, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Ceri but family and friends (and that includes YOU) know me as the Ginger Warrior, or the GW for short.

I’m a feisty, fun-loving Scottish lass currently residing in England but having also lived in Spain, France, Romania and the USA I first and foremost consider myself a citizen of the world!

The purpose of my blog and YouTube channel is simple: I want to converse, communicate, collaborate and create an online community of World Wide Warriors with a common goal in mind: to spread love, joy, happiness and understanding through our shared passions.

My own passions are wide and varied but I’m primarily a lover of food (baking, not cooking) fitness, foreign languages and far-flung adventures but most of all of meeting fabulous and friendly people from all walks of life.  I’m also interested in exploring the day to day issues that affect us and will open them out for discussion and debate; the best way to learn is from each other, don’t you think?

Here’s the deal…

I’m new to all this.  Super new. I’m at the very beginning of my blogging and vlogging journey and hope that you’ll stay by my side as I navigate my way through the Blogo/Vlogosphere. In short:


I need your thoughts, feelings, ideas and inspiration!

However, before you commit to spending quality time with the GW, I’d like to invite you to get a little more up close and personal – after all, you should always try before you buy…  :)

Click on the video above and come and meet my family and familiarise yourself with the beautiful little Scottish fishing town where I grew up. It will hopefully give you some insight into what makes me, me!

Ginger Warrior, over and out.


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