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A lovely family wedding

A lovely family wedding

A lovely

Before I get on with today's blog post in which I regale you all with tales of a delightful family wedding Craigy Boy and I attended this weekend, I must tell you, Warriors, that I have been suffering. It's a little known condition which strikes suddenly and violently and the individual afflicted can do little but allow the virus to take its course. I, The Ginger Warrior, have been in the grips of


which explains why it has been so long since I put electronic pen to paper. But I am happy to report that I appear to have turned a corner and my mental faculties, zeal and general va va voom are returning to the fore once again! 

Since we last communicated there have been several developments which I would like to touch upon briefly:

1) Remember I told you about my filming project in Texas? Don't recall the finer details? Well click HERE for a quick reminder.

So contracts have been signed between my producer and the venue we'll be shooting at, Mesquite ProRodeo. YEEEEEHAW!!  I'm very excited to fly out there (will be at some point in June, just awaiting the finer details) and get up close and personal with cowboys, bucking broncos and all things Texan! 

2) In the last blog I wrote, this little informative gem right HERE, I announced that I was selling my house and doing it online through a company called eMoov.co.uk. The ad went live online on Friday 27th March and that very day eMoov called to say I had a viewing booked in for Monday! At 9.30am Monday morning I showed the potential buyer around my humble, welcoming abode and late that afternoon I received an offer! After a little bit of the requisite negotiation I accepted the now nearer-my-asking-price offer on the Wednesday morning. As things stand our respective solicitors are drawing up contracts. Not that I wish to be a prophet of doom, but I won't be counting my proverbial chickens until I've seen the process through to completion. Keep your fingers and all other body parts crossed for me, Warriors! (Unless you're a girl and you need to go to the toilet).

And now swiftly onto today's event, event being the operative word since it was a wedding after all. The wedding of these two lovely people to be exact:


That's mum's cousin (or is it 2nd cousin? Mum??) Jill in the role of blushing and very beautiful bride and the dashing groom kilted out to the max is Jeff. A very handsome and happy couple and that's just how it should be.

As the ceremony and ensuing festivities were taking place in Scotland I braced myself for the long, uncomfortable drive ahead. Look at me: I look positively miserable with my pillow, blanket and fluffy red dressing gown. And no, I didn't sleep for approximately five hours out of the seven while Craigy Boy drove on, bleary eyed. I'm just not that selfish..  


We made it to Arbroath about 5.30pm that evening which was just in time for a bowl of Mummy Sandra's homemade soup. If there's one thing my mother does well it's producing a cracking, heart-warming, belly-filling plate of soup. I've given up trying to replicate it in my kitchen. It's like going to the hairdresser's and trying to recreate their vision in the comfort of your own bedroom. It just doesn't happen.

On the Friday we had a long lie then Craigy went to the gym while I ran. I do generally run on a daily basis but my run that particular morning was more than doing it out of routine; it was an absolute necessity since that evening we were booked in for a SEVEN course meal. Yes, I did just say seven courses. Why have three when you can have seven? Thus my run was my desperate attempt to ensure I was in calorie deficit for the fine feast that awaited me. With regard to aforementioned fine feast it is truly deserving of it's very own blog post and I plan on doing exactly that. Wait until you see pictures of what we ate! The combinations, the colours, the presentation, the exquisite flavours.. Craigy Boy isn't one for superlatives so when you hear him say: "Best meal EVER!" you know you have experienced something pretty darn special. 

On Saturday, the day of the wedding, we met up with my cousins for a pre-wedding bite to eat - we were attending the evening party and needed to fuel up for all the dancing that lay ahead!  Only two cousins missing from the shot: my brother Barry who was at a wedding in Dublin, getting ridiculously drunk I should imagine, and my cousin Garry who is currently living in Texas and was unlikely to be getting ridiculously drunk because they are 6 hours behind:


Of course you're all very familiar with and no doubt a huge fan of the little lady in the front, the one and only Beth Blogs! She, too, has been suffering from a bout of Lazy Bloggeritis but has thankfully also received the all clear and wants you to know that you'll be hearing from her very soon.

With our glad rags on it wasn't long before we hit the dance floor in earnest! I am bitterly disappointed that I didn't get any pictures/videos of Craigy Boy strutting his stuff because it really did happen - I witnessed it with my very own eyes! I did, however, get some highly entertaining footage of my cousin Ian in full dancing (Queen) glory: 

That is one smooth operator right there!

Speaking of smooth operators, the parentals, both looking mighty sharp in their respective ensembles, proved that being in your sixties and seventies doesn't mean you can't jiggle and jive with the best of them!

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening spent amongst my nearest and dearest. At one point I was sat at the table, taking a breather, and I watched on as all the aunts, uncles and cousins were having a good, old boogie together. It was one of those precious moments when you sit back and take stock of just how incredibly lucky and blessed you are. The fact is, I really couldn't have been born into a more loving, supportive and ever so slightly deranged family. 


Ginger Warrior, over and out.

A lovely (3)

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  1. How lovely to be able to share the wedding with you all! Looks look you all had a great time xxx

  2. Lol! Ceri, your cousin Ian needs to run a zumba class with you – he’s very flexible!!! x

  3. So glad you’ve recovered from your affliction!
    The bride looks stunning! I agree it is simply the best spending time with family – and how very precious those moment are. Cherish them always.
    Fab news re your filming project! I’m chuffed to bits for you and will be keeping everything crossed that it all pans out for you :-)
    LoL Su xxx

  4. Hi Ceri! Glad to hear you’ve made a speedy recovery! It was lovely to meet you and and the handsome Craigy Boy at long last! :)
    Love your photos + video…..the first one looks very familiar!
    Good luck with the Texas trip! xx

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