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10 baking blogs you’d be STIR crazy to miss!

10 baking blogs you’d be STIR crazy to miss!


I'm constantly on the lookout for ideas and inspiration for my baking posts. After all, I have a duty to you, my Warriors, to offer you true, tried and tested recipes that will tickle and tantalise your tastebuds! One day I hope to be able to come up with cakey concoctions of my very own invention but until then I am happy to look to these fine bakers for enticing recipes.

In no particular order here are 10 brilliant baking blogs:


Tutti dolci is Italian for all sweets and that is exactly what Laura has on offer. And boy am I glad.  And you should be too. Laura started Tutti Dolci in 2010 as a space to keep a record of her culinary concoctions and the rest, as they say, is history! Remember those triple chocolate cream cheese cookies bars that I made the other week? A Tutti Dolci creation. I like to keep a list of recipes I'm desperate to try in the near future and more than a few of them hail straight from the pages of Tutti Dolci. As you can tell, I'm a fan.


Raspberry and lemon doughnuts


Now, I'm not going to lie.  The fact that Ree Drummond, creator and founder of The Pioneer Woman, is a sassy red-head makes her even more endearing. I've never met her and considering she lives "in the middle of nowhere on a working cattle ranch" it's unlikely that our paths will ever cross. But I already feel like we're friends. Is that ok with you, Ree? I mean she's The PW and I'm The GW. It's destiny I tell ya!

In any case, Ree blogs about a wide variety of topics - home and garden, homeschooling, entertainment and she even writes children's book. I know, one supremely talented country gal. But naturally, it's her baking recipes that pique my interest and her website is replete with sweet offerings. Her monkey bread (attributed to one Pastor Ryan) is as delectable as it is world renowned. Seriously, you need to check it out. And you can do so by clicking HERE. Ignore the copious amounts of butter and sugar involved. A little bit of what you fancy and all that...


For some down on the ranch home cookin' click HERE!


Two peas and their pod is the brain child of husband and wife team, Maria and Josh. They love cooking, baking and entertaining. And each other. Given that they live in Salt Lake City and that I'm going there in August our paths are more likely to cross. ;) Their orange ricotta chocolate chip pancakes are a sweet sensation and their twix caramel cookie bars are calling my name. Loudly. As for their banana nutella swirl cake with nutella frosting.. Maria, Josh. Why are you doing this to me??  I'm due to start my Clean 9 detox tomorrow morning so this is just plain, old torture. Then again, I need to work out which cake I'm going to make to celebrate my imminent weight loss. 


You can download this little gem right HERE. 


Joy is the baker and Joy is what she brings! 

I came across Joy's blog quite accidentally a few months ago when I was looking for a dark chocolate brownie recipe. One quick google search later and THIS popped up. I made them, I stared at them with awe and wonder and then I ate them.  Not all of them, but I made a pretty good dent.

Her fun, quirky personality shines through her writing (and her videos!) and it keeps me and hundreds of thousands of others coming back for more. Joy couldn't be more appropriately named because she makes me happy.  :)


I haven't got THIS yet, but it's gonna happen!


Lora is the Cake Duchess and right HERE is where you can follow her baking adventures. She loves nothing more than to come up with new and exciting recipes which is absolutely fine by me and the rest of her readers since we also benefit!  (It that selfish? I don't think so.) Her caramelised banana bread is a sheer triumph in my amateur baker opinion, even if I did manage to burn the edges of my nanas. 

I'm not a huge bread maker myself (but I could be, right?) yet the startling array of breads Lora has on offer is pushing me in the right direction: sicilian orange sweet bread, honey beer bread, Estonian kringle cinammon sugar twisted bread, rustic raisin walnut bread.. Somebody stop her!  Actually, please don't. The world would be a much sadder and hungrier place.


The caramelised banana bread that I so love.


Bakerella - she sounds like a cakey superhero and in my gluttonous eyes that is exactly what she is! You know cake pops? The little rounded balls of cake on a stick? Well that, my Warriors, is an original Bakerella creation. A huge amount of love in one small bite. That's how I would describe those little beauties. Her book Cake Pops has been printed in four languages and featured on The New York Times Best Sellers list.

Angie, because that is Bakerella's real name, comes across in interviews as warm, approachable and as sweet as her very own confections.


Once you (cake) pop, you can't stop!


Sally's addiction is my addiction and it could be your addiction!  According to Sally she is a "food writer, recipe developer, picture-taker, lover of peanut butter, and obsessed with sprinkles."  Sprinkles feature heavily in her recipes and I don't have a problem with that. Au contraire, they add pizazz, colour and crrrrunch! My feeling is that sprinkles are like Haribo - kids and grown ups love it so, the happy world of... SPRINKLES! In my head it rhymes.  This Funfetti sugar cookie cake, for example - who in their right mind would turn down a sprinkle laden slice??

Sprinkly breads and muffins, brownies and bars, cakes and pies await the addicted. 


Get your sprinkles HERE!


Oh how the name of this blog makes me chuckle! Pure genius!

Karly is the homeschooling mama behind the blog and she is a self-proclaimed baking/cooking addict. She's also very fond of photography which is why her pictures are so darn good. It's a shame she lives thousands of miles away from me. I could do with some tuition. I wonder if she'd be willing to come and tutor me in the UK? I'll pay for your ticket, Karly and then we could bake together. It would be beautiful. Honest.

For the time being I will have to content myself with her fabulous recipes such as toffee crunch doughnuts and deep fried cookie dough balls.  That's them right there. You're killin' me Karly!! But I like it. 



Another great name for a blog! Baking is supposed to be messy. There should be flour and icing sugar dusted over the surfaces and floor, there ought to be cake batter splattered on the walls.  I've found cake batter on my walls several weeks after the event. You might think that's disgusting, I find it comforting. It's my way of showing my kitchen some love. But I digress, back to Jennie, for she is the gorgeous gal behind the equally gorgeous blog.

Jennie likes to bake, cook, take pictures and to lick spatulas. I didn't make that up. She says so herself. She started her little space on the information superhighway, as so many food bloggers do, as somewhere to document her experimentations in the kitchen.  Well, she came, she experimented and she conquered. I love me a Messy Baker recipe!  Jennie does offer a range of creations for the more health conscious among us but I tend to opt for the ones with the highest sugar/butter/cream cheese/chocolate content. You know me, Warriors, willpower of a dead badger, particularly when cookies and cream fudge exists in this world.Cookies-and-Cream-Fudge-1

Keep on doing what you do so well, Jennie, and keep on lickin' them spatulas!


The Baker Chick blog is a fun and funky place to be filled with treats to tempt every tastebud. Audra is the Baker Chick and she works from her "itty bitty" kitchen in NYC. Goes to show that size doesn't matter because the limited dimensions of Audra's workspace does not hamper the fabulousness of what comes out of it! Cinnamon banana swirl cake appeals as do raspberry swirled lemon cheesecake bars and chewy s'mores cookies. In fact, it all appeals which is why I'm a good ten pounds away from where I ought to be. Or is that a good ten pound cakes? I could go for a slice of pound cake right now. Actually, no, strike that. I could do with a slab of THIS swirly beauty right now:cheesecake41-682x1024

 Audra, I salute you, your cakes and all bakers everywhere, budding or seasoned pro!


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  1. Oh, my…every one of these look and sound like heaven! I will totally be checking them out. I’m far from a chef or a cook, but I can sure follow a mean recipe!!

    Check out ‘Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen’ (it’s not me, ehem…) and ‘Chocolate, Chocolate and More’….both are great ladies and I think you’ll really enjoy them!


    I’m telling you….you can’t take me anywhere. =)

  3. You are such a sweetie. I am beyond thrilled to have made it to your list of such a fantastic group of foodies. Thank you so much!

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