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The £10 in 10 minutes in Poundworld Challenge!

The £10 in 10 minutes in Poundworld Challenge!


I love me a little shopping expedition to Poundworld and I'm not afraid to admit it. There's something utterly thrilling and decidedly satisfying about grabbing yourself a cheeky bargain! I often frequent aforementioned store for cheap and cheerful baking supplies such as piping bags and cupcake boxes and the large majority of my toiletries and household goods are also Poundworld purchases - branded goods I know I can get for less. 

Since the recession hit we Brits have become increasingly cash-conscious and shopping savvy. Whereas before conversations may have revolved around how much we paid for our new car or which flash holiday destination we're jetting off to next we're now eager to talk about how much we have saved and we excitedly share our knowledge of special offers and discounted goods. And long may it continue - nobody is above saving a buck or two!  

Poundworld's appeal has been proven to cross the socio-economic divides and is enjoyed by adults and children alike. Children like Bonnie and Jessica! These two gorgeous gals are the daughters of my neighbour, Heather -a.k.a. Hezza my Bezza - and knowing them both to be avid Poundworld fans I decided to issue them a fun, little shopping challenge: to see what they could pick up for £10 in 10 minutes!

The girls zealously rose to the challenge and happily scurried from aisle to aisle in search of the best buys. What did they end up with?  You'll just have to watch the video to find out! And I defy you to not laugh out loud at Jessica's one liners - I have a feeling I may have discovered a future presenting star!


Ginger Warrior, over and out.




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  1. The idea of Poundworld and the other pounds shops is brilliant. The downfall is having to go to God’s hellhole (aka Banbury) to partake of the bargains. I usually take the easier option of giving my parents a list as they go to the aforementioned town three times a week. My Dad has a new take on shopping……he stands in places like Wilkinsons and watches what people are looking at then directs them to Poundland where the products are cheaper. It is a wonder he hasn’t been banned yet.

  2. GW
    Im with you!!! I love love love poundland but seem to spend no less than £20 on every visit so im not convinced im saving that much money!

  3. Those girls spend to much time with you they are picking up your lingo

  4. My girls and I love pound world! They are both art crazy so we get lots of fab supplies from there, pens, paper, coloured card, stickers etc! Also really good for sticker and activity books for long car journeys x

  5. Loved this video! I always wind up spending a fortune on stuff I dont need in these places so tend to stay away now! YOu have to watch though – with some things it works out cheaper in supermarket when you look at cost v weight etc. Sometimes the products are in smaller bottles etc. Im a super scrimper – love to grab a bargain!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      That’s true – I noticed that when I was in there. The bottles of shampoo were smaller than the ones I usually buy.

  6. Oh and well done to your two lovely helpers. xx

  7. Thanks for featuring me in this Cezza double thanks for admiring my sense of humour! I really had fun and me and Bonnie had a feast that night! My sis Bonbon loved it too!

  8. I’ll be honest I buy stuff from pound land and 99p store all the time they have soaps and toiletries there that are usually 3 pounds or so and I can get them for a pound! I love it and especially In Brixton where I live poundland is always busy especially at Christmas wrapping paper bows ribbon ect. I would be weary of their perfumes though turned out I was allergic to one of them even though it smelled lovely! I stick to Chloe now

  9. They are adorable! And I wish we could buy Cadbury fingers at our dollar stores!

  10. These shops save my bacon! My little one can earn up to £1 each week for doing his morning jobs before school. I used to get so tired of taking him to a shop to spend his money only to say ‘you don’t have enough money for that’ until I realised that I could take him to pound land or the 99p shop and say ‘pick whatever you like’!!! It definitely makes my weekends a whole lot easier, now I just need to teach him how to be more decisive…..!

  11. This was beautiful! And I gotta be honest I haven’t found the equivalent of poundworld in Amsterdam yet but it was fantastic for cheap chocolate :) I’m a fan of it!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I’m sure Amsterdam must have something similar. Post a pic when you find one! I’d love to see what kinds of things they well! xxx

  12. I always end up coming out with loads more things than I anticipate buying but, I’m not complaining!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      That’s the thing – they lull you into a fall sense of security and you end up spending more because you think you’re getting a bargain. Very clever marketing!!

  13. I absolutely love our “Home Bargains”, I call it bargain basement

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